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when you are no longer happy in your relationship

I keep repeating it in my articles: the couple is love, obviously but also work. A lot of listening and communication work in particular. Wanting passion to last forever is a myth! We can not, after 10 years of living together, want to cuddle under the duvet ten times a day, have the heart that tambourines very loudly as soon as we see the other . But it doesn’t matter at all, quite the contrary!


In my article on the differences between love and the state of love, I explained to you precisely that true love can only occur after the state of love has passed.


Unfortunately, sometimes, some have not been able to “work” enough to maintain marital happiness. Or, only one of the two partners has been made to make efforts… And love does not work one-way. So here are 6 things that happen when you are no longer happy in your relationship.

6 things that happen when you are no longer happy in your relationship:

1/ There is no more carnal desire (when you are no longer happy in your relationship)

You notice an obvious lack of physical desire. If before you regularly wanted your partner (3 times a week, 1 time a week, 2 times a month… It depends on the personalities), today this is no longer the case. You don’t even want him anymore at all.

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In fact, you barely look at it. And when you take the time to do it, you realize that your partner no longer likes you physically. You now hate his little mole hidden in his neck that you loved so much. His smell has become unbearable to you, I am not even talking about his breath.

If we often say that “falling in love is a matter of smell”,it also works in the opposite direction! Many people know when they are no longer in love because they literally can no longer stand the smell of their partner.


2/ Communication no longer works

Communication in the couple is the basis of everything, it is the cement of the relationship! We MUST talk, whether it goes well or not. If not, how do you spot the problems? Conversely, without communication, we let the worries rot until they take such a place that we can no longer get rid of them at all. (when you are no longer happy in your relationship)

Except that, when you are happier in your relationship, you tend to close even more. In my article: How to make a man talk about his problems, I explain that very often men tend to lock themselves in their cave when they do not have the morale. While women, on the other hand, need to externalize.

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The problem right now is that it’s not even a matter of worries or not. Simply, you don’t talk anymore, you don’t want to talk with him/her anymore! You get bored by his side and don’t even want to tell him about your days anymore. Most of the time, when you speak, it is aggressively and to reproach you.

3/ You always compare your couple to that of others (when you are no longer happy in your relationship)

You have noticed that you are comparing your relationship more and more often to that of others. “Hey, Machin takes X’s hand, my guy doesn’t do that anymore.” “I would so much like to have this passion that drives Truc et Machine, we are so bored”.


In short, you are no longer satisfied in your relationship and unfortunately, there is not much more to do. The more you compare, the more you tell yourself that your relationship is not the one you dreamed of. And the more you suffer.

4/ You avoid your partner

You have got into the habit of fleeing. Find yourself in the same room as he/she hands you. You no longer want to spend quality time with him/her. You imagine going to a restaurant together worries you more than anything else.

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You prefer to spend time with your friends, watch TV, do side activities… Anything that can take you a little away from him/her. (when you are no longer happy in your relationship)

5/ You compare the present with the past

Your fetish phrase “It was better before”. If you have read my article on the steps of a couple, I would tend to tell you that you have remained stuck in the opposition phase of your couple. And that you never got out of it.


What proves that you are no longer happy in your relationship? Your inability to accept the evolution of your relationship. Unfortunately for you, the problem here is that it may happen again in your next romantic relationships: as soon as the passion of the beginnings fades, you risk questioning your entire relationship.

6/ You are easily irritable when he says or does something

Anything your partner says or does annoys you terribly. Before, when he whistled in the shower, you thought it was super cute. Today you want to skit it!

You can’t stand when he’s there but you also can’t stand when he’s not there? I invite you to read my article on the differences between love and habit. (when you are no longer happy in your relationship)

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