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Why do men deceive their wives but don’t leave them?

When you start your relationship you are 100 places away from thinking about infidelity. Yet, the passing of time tends to change the fairy tale into a sad reality. Passion dies in the face of monotony that gets bogged down in boredom. Let’s see together why men deceive their wives but don’t leave them?


Why do men deceive? (And women too for that matter!)

There is not a cause of infidelity but a whole set of criteria that will come into play to harm the couple. The first is the lack of communication because by dint of misunderstandings, we become hard of hearing.


Men deceive their wives because they feel that elsewhere it will be better. We will be happier, we will feel like we are younger, more valiant and less locked into a lifestyle that no longer resembles us.

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We are deceiving when we find ourselves in an impasse and we feel that we have reached the end of our history.

Yet, often, men deceive their wives but do not leave them. Fear of the unknown? comfort? stability? That’s what we’re going to see.

Know that it only takes a little to avoid going towards the irremediable: talking, traveling, surprising oneself can be enough to rekindle the flame. Deceiving is a strong act that can become serious and irremediable. It is best to do everything to put life back into your couple before choosing deception.


Is it to be said that we have been deceived? Confessing adultery?

Know that talking about your infidelity to the person who shares your life is deciding to tear his heart and trust forever. There will be a break between the two of you no need to catch up.

But not saying anything is also taking the risk of being caught with your hand in the bag. The latter can lead to the certain death of your couple. I advise you to read our article on this subject: adultery: confess or not?

Why do men deceive their wives but don’t leave them?

1. Club Med

One of the main reasons is: Boredom. When the couple is punctuated by the seasons of “love is in the meadow” and Sundays at the mother-in-law’s house: we get bored quickly! Deceiving is a bit like giving yourself a holiday on a deserted island with the sea within sight. It is a way of deceiving this boredom that we will not leave but that we get tired of sometimes. In this case, we will remain in a temporary adventure without a future: it was just a matter of seeing. Your couple needs novelties, before going on the road of deception, try to change your couple monotony by imagining other activities. Learn to break the routine and strengthen your relationship!

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2. So as not to suffer

The person who deceives is no longer happy in his couple but does not want to leave his partner. A divorce or separation would jeopardize its internal balance and risk harming it too much. He deceives because he regains the lightness that he no longer has in his couple. It is very likely that this relationship will not last forever because the person will realize that he is harming himself but also everything he has built. An awareness will be enough to stop net and regain control of his love relationship.


3. To have fun (Why do men deceive their wives but don’t leave them?)

The man (or woman) who deceives may just need to “have fun”.” There is no emotional commitment in this story, just a way to experience other sensations. The love for his wife is really present and he will never think about leaving her. Carnal pleasure is vital in a couple and innovation will strengthen your love and complicity. So do not hesitate to break the routine in bed and test new things to avoid wanting to look elsewhere.

4. Children

We do not leave because there are children and we want them to grow up in a strong and lasting union. Education is very important and the family model must be an example. This kind of person can have an extramarital relationship of very long duration but he will never consider a real separation with his real lover. And yet fulfilled parents, fulfilled children as they say! And it is not by being mistaken that the couple can be!

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There are very many cases relating to adultery.

Very often men deceive their wives but do not leave them: what to do then? To maintain a strong and lasting couple you have TO COMMUNICATE because you end up no longer understanding each other. We no longer have the same tastes over the years and aspirations tend to become different. But communication always makes it possible to find alternatives and new paths to travel. Before deceiving, you must speak and manage to expose your frustrations and shortcomings so that the other can hear you and help you in this direction.

Remember that deceiving is an irremediable act! (Why do men deceive their wives but don’t leave them?)

A break that can never be erased, although some couples have managed to forgive infidelity. If you like, try to open your heart and arrange your marital worries before going to other shores.


Why do men deceive their wives but don’t leave them? Most likely because the symbiosis, listening and alchemy of yesteryear no longer exist. But as Brel would say: “We saw the fire of an ancient volcano that we thought was too old” ! Never give up a strong and lasting love.

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