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Why sex is healthy – 5 reasons



Why sex is healthy

Why sex is healthy – 5 reasons
You already knew that sex is good. You also knew that sex is good for your mood, but did you know that sex is also very healthy for your body?
Yes, sex is healthy
Not so long ago, young people were scared with statements like masturbating you get pimples . Sex has been kept in a corner for centuries. You can’t talk about it too much and you can’t do it too much. Fortunately, we know better these days. Sex is not bad, sex is good!

Discover 5 reasons why sex is healthy, pleasant, stimulating and calming.
  1. POUF! Magical fabrics everywhere!
    During lovemaking, all kinds of substances are released in both the man’s and the woman’s body. As soon as we become aroused, the hormones oxytocin and vasopressin are produced at a rapid rate, these substances make the partners feel connected.

Oxytocin – the cuddle hormone – also has a calming effect. That is the reason that especially men fall asleep quickly after sex. It gives you a sense of belonging and bliss. Very nice!

Why sex is healthy

Why sex is healthy
  1. Today I do honey, I don’t have a headache anymore
    In women, the hormone noradrenaline is produced during sex , this substance also provides a pleasant feeling. In addition, endorphins ensure that the pain threshold is up to twice as high!

How is that possible? Endorphins have an analgesic effect, according to some studies just as effective as two paracetamol. Those endorphins can help a lot against headaches!

  1. Once is the charm
    After ejaculation, the substance prolactin is released, which ensures that the man has less interest in sex. The concentration of this substance remains elevated for about an hour. Fortunately, most men don’t mind that at all thanks to dopamine , which causes a rewarding feeling. You feel satisfied and happy after good sex.
  2. Just flush!
    During a violent lovemaking, your heart makes up to a hundred extra beats per minute ! This makes your blood flow faster and the heart and blood vessels are flushed equally well.

Men also lower their risk of prostate cancer by having regular ejaculation. Moreover, you burn up to 300 calories per lovemaking ! Provided you get moving a bit, of course. Sex can help keep your body in shape.

  1. Forget everything for a moment and merge into each other
    Sex connects . When you have sex with your partner, all kinds of pleasant emotions come up. Moreover, you will forget all your worries for a while, sex helps you to live in the moment.

Sex and anxiety don’t mix well. When you get caught up in lovemaking, you will stop worrying about that deadline or that annoying problem. Sex brings relief and a good feeling!

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