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winner at Dutch Game Awards – Horizon Forbidden West won the most prizes at the Dutch Game Awards on Thursday evening. The adventure game of the Dutch studio Guerrilla won, among other things, the prize for best game.

Horizon Forbidden West

The game also won the awards for best art, best audio and best technology. The jury “shines with pride” that the game was developed in the heart of Amsterdam. “This game puts the Netherlands on the map of the global game industry and far beyond in the wider media.”

Not surprisingly, Horizon Forbidden West went home with the most awards; the game is made with a big team and ditto budget. In Forbidden West, as the character Aloy, you try to survive in a post-apocalyptic world where robot dinosaurs roam.

We Were Here Forever provides ‘glimmer of joy’

Nevertheless, some smaller games also stood out. The prize for the best game design went to We Were Here Forever from the Rotterdam-based Total Mayhem Games. In this game, players have to solve puzzles from different spaces by communicating well.


winner at Dutch Game Awards

The jury praises the design of the puzzles and the way in which players have to work together. “Even if you play this game with a complete stranger, it still creates a bond and there’s a glimmer of joy when you’re reunited with your fellow adventurer.”

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Studio Roost Games received the award for best debut game for Cat Cafe ManagerStacklands of Sokpop Collective went home with the prize for best innovation.

Students of the Utrecht School of the Arts received a prize for their game All Hands on Deck. Under the name Studio Mantasaur they continue to work on this and subsequent games.

Special award for corona policy gamestudio

During the award show, some game studios received extra recognition. For example, Rotterdam-based Codeglue received the award for best game studio, because the owners have done their best to keep their staff safe, healthy and motivated during the corona pandemic.


In addition to the award for best debut game, Sokpop Collective also won the Awesome Achievement award. According to the jury, the studio has a “highly unusual business model”. Every month, thousands of fans pay a total of around 8,000 euros via a donation site, so that Sokpop Collective can continue to make games.

winner at Dutch Game Awards 2022 is Horizon Forbidden West

The Dutch Game Awards annually bring games made in the Netherlands to the attention. Something the Golden Calves do with films, for example. The twelfth edition took place during the Dutch Media Week in hilversumse Sound and Vision.

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