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Yamal makes history as youngest ever goalscorer at Euros
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Spain's 16-year-old forward Lamine Yamal became the youngest player to score a goal in the European Championship in the competition's existence during Spain's comeback victory over France in the semi-finals on Tuesday (9) at the Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany.

New record holder

Yamal already held a record when he made his debut in the competition with Spain five games ago, becoming the youngest player to participate in the Euros. However, Lamine Yamal, who is precisely 16 years and 362 days old, is the youngest goalscorer in the Euros in 64 years (56, if you prefer to consider it after the competition's name change).

The previous record was held by the Colombian naturalized Swiss, Johan Vonlanthen, who was 18 years old, in 2004, when he became the record holder, curiously scoring against France during the group stage.


With this record, Yamal has put his name in history and it will be difficult for anyone to surpass him, especially if the list of the “10 youngest players to score at the European Championship” is considered:

  1. Lamine Yamal, 16 years and 362 days (Spain x France, 07/09/2024)
  2. Johan Vonlanthen, 18 years and 141 days (Switzerland 1 x 3 France, 21/06/2004)
  3. Wayne Rooney, 18 years and 237 days (England 3 x 0 Switzerland, 17/06/2004)
  4. Renato Sanches, 18 years and 317 days (Poland 1 (3) x (5) 1 Portugal, 06/30/2016)
  5. Dragan Stojković, 19 days and 108 days (France 3 x 2 Yugoslavia, 19/06/1984)
  6. Arda Güler, 19 years and 114 days (Türkiye 3 x 1 Georgia, 06/18/2024)
  7. Cristiano Ronaldo, 19 years and 128 days (Portugal 1 x 2 Greece, 12/06/2004)
  8. Ferenc Bene, 19 years and 183 days (Spain 2 x 1 Hungary, 17/06/1964)
  9. Cristian Chivu, 19 years and 238 days (England 2 x 3 Romania, 20/06/2000)
  10. Patrick Kluivert, 19 years and 353 days (Netherlands 1 x 4 England, 18/06/1996)
the summary of day #6 of the World Cup

Spain will face the winner of the match between England and the Netherlands next Sunday (14).

Yamal, just 16 years old, becomes the youngest scorer in the Eurocup, as well as being the youngest player to participate in the competition (Photo: reproduction/Instagram/@sefutbol)

Success story

The “boy” Yamal made his professional debut at just 15 years old, in one of the last matches of the season, in 2023, for the Catalan team, Barcelona.

In the following season, the current one, 2024, the forward became a regular fixture on the right wing of Xavi Hernández's team, playing more than 50 games, scoring seven goals and providing assists for “Barça”. However, the Euros did not include his first stint with the Spanish national team. He was called up a few months after his debut, in 2023, for the same, once again becoming a regular fixture in coach Luis de la Fuente's team.

Lamine Yamal is considered a regular starter in his position, right wing, for Spain and, despite featuring in every game at Euro 2024, he has yet to score, despite having provided direct assists in at least three games during Spain's winning streak so far.


With his great goal, the “boy” Yamal, in addition to already being the record holder as the youngest player to compete in the competition, helping his team get closer to winning a title, also achieved another record: that of the youngest player to score in the competition.

Featured photo: Lamine Yamal, 16 years old (Reproduction/Instagram/@fifaworldcup)


Yamal makes history as youngest ever goalscorer at Euros

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Yamal makes history as youngest ever goalscorer at Euros


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