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beautiful places where you can swim with sharks, The real daredevils have probably already put it on their bucket list: swimming with sharks. But what are the best places to do that? We will mention a number of beautiful locations.

Simon’s Town, South Africa

South Africa is seen as the place to spot white sharks in their natural habitat. Here too you can study them safely and up close from a cage, which you can enter with a maximum of four others.

beautiful places where you can swim with sharks

Isla Guadalupe, Mexico

Near the Mexican island of Isla Guadalupe you will find the largest concentration of white sharks, the most dangerous shark species in the world.

It is possible to see the sharks up close here because you are safely in a metal cage.

Oahu, Hawaii

Swimming with sharks in the open sea, without many other tourists around you. It is possible at the Hawaiian island of Oahu. The local dive center offers excursions for up to eight people where you can swim with tiger sharks in a cage. Extra fun: this excursion also has an educational touch, because during this exciting outing there is also a lot of information about the sharks and their habitat.


beautiful places where you can swim with sharks

Swimming with tiger sharks, but for advanced users. Because in the Bahamas it is possible to enter the water without a cage. Anyone who wants to dive with the dangerous carnivorous sharks must have a diving license. In addition to the tiger shark, the hammerhead shark also lives here, which can be dangerous to humans.

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Pacific Harbor, Fiji

In the Shark Reef Marine Reserve, set up to research sharks, you can swim with a variety of species, including the bull shark, tiger shark and lemon shark. Swimming with up to fifty sharks at the same time is more the rule than the exception here.


Palau in the Pacific is home to the world’s very first shark sanctuary. More than 135 different (and protected) species live here, including the leopard shark, the gray reef shark and the white tip reef shark. You can only discover this protected area with a diving license.


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