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The electric car beats the internal combustion engine when it comes to average maintenance costs. An electric car is usually a bit more often at the garage, but the bills are a lot less peppery.

This is the conclusion of BOVAG and the RAI Association in the Aftersales Monitor consumer survey, which was conducted in collaboration with Multicopper. The research shows that owners of a car with an internal combustion engine spent an average of 548 euros on maintenance costs in 2021. With an electric car (EV), this amount turned out to be a lot lower with an average of 340 euros.

Per maintenance moment, an owner of an EV usually spends 193 euros, the average maintenance for a car with an internal combustion engine leads to an amount of 317 euros on the invoice. On the other hand, the number of average maintenance moments with an EV is slightly higher than with a fuel car.

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An EV was on average 1.76 times at the garage, a car with an internal combustion engine 1.73 times. Buy a second-hand electric car? Check the offer on Gaspedaal


According to BOVAG, the reason that EVs are at the garage a little more often is due to the fact that EVs are relatively young and are often driven for business purposes, which means that they go to the garage more often than average for a summer-winter tire change.

For cars up to four years old, this is the reason for a garage visit in 10 percent of the cases, from four years that percentage approximately halves.

Electric car more often to the garage, but maintenance is cheaper

Electric car more often to the garage, but maintenance is cheaper

The main reason for a garage visit is an MOT turn (28 percent), followed by only a service (19 percent) and interim repair (17 percent). Most electric cars are still quite young, which of course plays a role in the maintenance need. The question is what the average cost will look like in a few years.

Battery pack is the most expensive part

By far the most expensive part of an electric car is and remains the battery pack. With the following tips from AutoWeek you ensure that the battery stays in good condition for longer.

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  • Avoid fast chargers

Each battery has a programmed lifespan of a certain number of charging cycles. Even though the temptation is great to often go to fast charging stations, it is interesting to know that this has an impact on the lifespan of the cells. It is therefore better to be patient and connect your car to, for example, a wallbox or public charging station.

  • Charging indoors, especially in winter

The capacity of the battery depends on the outside temperature. A car parked outside when it’s freezing can lose up to 20-30 percent of its power. It is therefore better to park your car in a garage. If this isn’t possible, you can schedule a new charging session an hour before you hit the road to take advantage of the benefits of your battery’s heating system. You can also save energy by bringing the interior up to temperature.

  • Don’t overcharge

In daily use, it is advisable not to go below 20 percent and not higher than 80 percent, so as not to overload the battery. That way you keep the condition of the battery up to date for as long as possible. To achieve this, you can simply set the car’s computer to stay between these percentages.

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  • Let the battery cool down

Charging a hot battery, for example in the summer heat, is not recommended by AutoWeek because the risk of damage is real. This is due to the high temperatures of the cells when charging. However, more and more cars have an operating system that avoids this type of situation.

Then the battery is heated in cold weather and cooled in warmer weather.

  • Use the car regularly

It is generally assumed that the battery of an electric car is damaged from a month of standstill. Therefore, it is advisable to use the car at least two to three times a month so as not to damage the battery and not lose any driving range. This also helps to extend the life of the battery.

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