Sapato Face gives testimony at the Police Station for Assistance to Women

Sapato Face gives testimony
Sapato Face gives testimony – Former BBB participant Antônio Carlos Coelho de Figueiredo Barbosa Júnior, better known as Cara de Sapato, appeared this Wednesday (22) at the Police Station for Assistance to Women (DEAM) in Jacarepaguá. The MMA fighter said he was sorry and sad shortly after providing clarification regarding the open inquiry that investigates the crime of sexual harassment within the reality show Big Brother Brasil 2023.

Sapato Face gives testimony

Cara de Sapato arrived at the police station to provide clarification around 1:50 pm and was accompanied by three lawyers. Upon arriving to testify, the fighter declined to give further details about the case.

However, at the end he commented on how he was dealing with the situation. “It has been very difficult (this moment). We certainly regret it. I am not in a better moment. I promise that as soon as possible I will give all the declarations and I will say everything I can talk to you”.

Sapato Face gives testimony
Sapato Face gives testimony

Photo: Cara de Sapato Reproduction / Instagram

In addition to the fighter, his defense quickly commented on the case. As stated by the attorney, Dr. Ricardo Sidi, believes that “there was no crime” and that they expect the inquiry to be archived at the end.

“From what can be seen in the video and, especially, from what the victim came forward and declared, it does not seem to me that there was a crime of sexual harassment. We hope that, both the delegate and the prosecutor, see the way of the defense, that there was, at no time, a crime”.

In addition to the fighter, another character involved, singer MC Guimê, was also heard on DEAM on Monday (20). Upon arrival at the police station, Guilherme, who was accompanied by two lawyers, commented that he was “trying to solve the case”. The singer stayed at the police station for about 50 minutes and upon leaving commented on how he is also dealing with the situation. “A lot of pressure in those first few days. Great pressure. Faith in God”. he said.

It is worth remembering that the police summoned the two on Friday (17), after opening an inquiry to investigate whether Cara de Sapato and Guimê committed sexual harassment against Mexican Dania Mendez during a party in reality show BBB. In addition to the investigation, the duo was expelled from the reality on Thursday (16).

Featured photo: Cara de Sapato Reproduction/Instagram

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Sapato Face gives testimony

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