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Exapunks: Being a Couch Hacker Is Almost as Good
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Welcome to Digital Anarchy Where Snacks Are a Big Thing

Exapunks is the game that turns us all into wannabe hackers with a code fetish and a secret dream of causing chaos without leaving your chair. Here, you can hack a factory so that snacks no longer contain peanuts. Because, of course, it's exactly those kinds of small but petty victories that make life worth living, right?

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Exapunks is the latest cerebral slot from Zachtronics, masters of making you feel alternately genius and incredibly stupid. Imagine, one day you're manipulating a street sign to scream “WAKE UP SHEEPLE” and the next you're struggling to understand why the hell your EXA isn't doing what you clearly programmed it to do. Ah, the joy of seeing a simple bug destroy hours of work!

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Cyberpunk Environment with a Human Tetris Twist

This game is set in a dystopian 1997 – because obviously all the best dystopias take place in the 90s – where you are slowly dying from a disease that turns your skin into microchips. Nothing like a good old crappy cyborg makeover to add some drama to your day, huh? And the only way to pay for the medicine is to hack everything your circuits can reach to a mysterious lady who is definitely not an AI.

The User Manual is a Fanzine, Because PDFs Are Too Mainstream


Don't expect fluffy tutorials that hold your hand here; Exapunks throw you into the pool of code and expect you to swim… or sink trying to understand the “Trash World News” fanzine. This zine, a lovely relic of the garage hacker era, is your lifeline in a world where casual conversation includes terms like “LINK” and “GRAB.” Who needs real social interactions when you can chat on Chatsubo between levels?

Social Life is Overvalued

Did you know that Exapunks is so immersive that you might even forget you have real friends waiting for you somewhere out there? With its plethora of minigames and a competitive mode that will make you question your self-worth, it's the complete package for any digital masochist.

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Conclusion: Bring Coffee and a Dose of Humility

If you've been looking for a game that's part puzzle, part programming challenge, and entirely a test of your patience and intelligence, congratulations, Exapunks is your next obsession. This is a game that requires more focus than trying to read a VCR manual. So brew your double coffee, adjust your nerd glasses and dive in – but remember, in the world of Exapunks, even small successes, like eradicating peanuts from a factory, can be the height of human achievement.


  • Intellectually Stimulating Challenge: A game that challenges the limits of logic and programming, ideal for those who like to puzzle over codes.
  • Captivating Cyberpunk Aesthetics: The game's visuals and atmosphere perfectly capture the dystopian essence of the 90s, complemented by detailed pixel art design.
  • Diversity of Puzzles and Minigames: The variety of tasks and minigames keeps the game interesting and challenging, significantly extending replay value.
  • Community Integration and Learning Resources: The use of an in-game fanzine as a manual and online community discussions add an extra layer of immersion and support.


  • Steep Learning Curve: The lack of an interactive tutorial can leave new players lost, making the learning curve steeper than necessary.
  • User Interface Can Be Challenging: Navigating the game's systems and code can be intimidating and confusing, especially for those without programming experience.
  • Moments of Frustration with Bugs and Code Errors: Programming errors can lead to moments of great frustration, especially when a small error results in repeated failures.
  • Requires Large Investment of Time and Focus: Not a game for quick gaming sessions; requires long periods of concentration and patience.
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Grade: 6.0/10.0

“Exapunks” is a unique and deeply rewarding experience for anyone who enjoys mental challenges and has an inclination towards programming. However, its niche approach and steep learning curve may not be for everyone. It's a game that rewards persistence and creativity, but it can also test your patience to the extreme.


Exapunks: Being a Couch Hacker Is Almost as Good

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Exapunks: Being a Couch Hacker Is Almost as Good


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