Seven people die after fireworks factory explosion in Mexico

fireworks factory explosion in Mexico
The explosion took place on Monday night (20) in Totolapan, Morales State, Mexico, in a clandestine fireworks factory. produced and stored the fireworks. The Morelos government confirmed the death toll and issued a statement saying:
“The State Coordination of Civil Protection of the State of Morelos informs that, after the incident presented in the municipality of Totolapan, the first data indicate that the explosion originated inside a house where there is the clandestine manufacture and storage of fireworks”.

fireworks factory explosion in Mexico

Explosion of a clandestine fireworks factory in Mexico (Photo: Reproduction Twitter/Fuerza Informativa Azteca)

In addition to the 7 deaths, 15 people were injured, 3 of whom were taken to hospitals and the others treated on site. According to the Morelos Ministry of Health (SSM), it clarified that the medical emergency center was on site to provide emergency care for the victims of the incident at the clandestine fireworks factory. He also clarified that there were children in the place and elderly people, one of the elderly people was taken to the hospital with very serious injuries and his health status is complicated, but the patient is still stable. The children who were taken to the hospital, both five years old, have many injuries but remain stable. The CEPCM (Coordinación Estatal de Protección Civil Morelos) stated that they are still looking for new victims and are still in the area affected by the explosion. It also states that the number of injured and victims may change at any time. Given the imminent risk of the fireworks factory, there is a recommendation that the Totolapan population keep their distance from the site. There was also a statement from the governor of Morales, Cuauhtémoc Blanco, on his social networks, saying: “We deeply regret the human losses that the explosion of Totolapan caused”. Featured photo: Cladestina Mexico factory explosion. Reproduction Twitter/ verónica bacaz

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fireworks factory explosion in Mexico

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