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Yescom will no longer organize São Silvestre

Which company will have the technical capacity to organize the biggest running event in Brazil?

Today I received an email from Yescom talking about aspects of the São Paulo International Marathon, a race that will take place on April 7th, and I can say that it was not surprising to read, in the final part of the statement, the following:

After fulfilling, in 2022 and 2023, all its commercial and promotional commitments that were “frozen” during the pandemic, Yescom begins this year with strategic changes and new business models in the new cycle. In it, which covers the period from 2024 to 2027, the promoter will focus on events that have good delivery results, including proprietary events, events with naming rights and events in which Yescom is licensed. (…)


Among the new features, following this strategy, are the Harry Potter Family Run, the first of its kind, and the first themed races for Globo, with the brands SporTV Run, Cartola and Multishow. In this new moment starting in January 2024, the company still, due to its strategic and commercial decision, is no longer interested in organizing events and renewing contracts that do not fit into these models. One of the examples is the almost century-old São Silvestre International Race, which he organized for more than 20 years.

"I still want to win all the majors"

Perhaps the surprise will come when news like this appears without prominence in the press release. Since last year I have been hearing rumors, coming from trustworthy people, that Yescom would not organize São Silvestre from 2024 onwards and I had already addressed this in Café & Corrida videos, but now it is official.

Can we now have the dream of seeing wave starts and rhythm bays in the SS, a dream and something that I have been demanding for years with the people at Yescom? Will we finally have one or two isotonic points from the race? Will they adopt km 41? Will we have stands in the final stretch so that people can watch the final match or see their family or friends arriving? There are so many improvements I can imagine…


We only have to know which companies would have the technical capacity to carry out such an undertaking, which brought together 33 thousand runners in 2023. I would say that the partnership between Dream Factory and Spiridon is one of them, because it does a good job in the Rio Marathon of January. Iguana Sports is another one that should be at the top of the list as it is considered by many and, by this writer, as the best event organizer in Brazil. Another that could be taken into consideration is Norte Marketing, which operates the station circuit throughout Brazil. But as she teamed up with the Government of the State of Rio de Janeiro and the City Hall to do the Vera Cruz Race on New Year's Eve, sort of to compete with São Silvestre, I don't think she would be able to do a race like that. of São Silvestre on the same day that there is another considerable race (the Vera Cruz race brought together around 8 thousand runners in Rio).

Of course there are other organizers qualified for this competition, but I honestly think that the chosen company must have good expertise with great evidence to be able to be successful and return the following year, because 2025 will be the hundredth edition of the São Silvestre and it needs to be a big celebration for the runners and the race. It also remains to be seen what the criteria will be for hiring the company organizing the 2024 race. Will there be competition? Cut by technical experience? I hope this is defined as soon as possible.

Yescom will no longer organize São Silvestre

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