The 10 general dating sites -
The 10 general dating sites -

The 10 general dating sites

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Love Intelligence gives you its opinion on general dating sites: from Meetic to AdopteUnMec via Parship, you will know everything about the best dating sites on the web!

How to succeed in my meetings on the internet?

Love may not be so far away …

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It’s up to you to find the rare pearl!


If you have a busy job, are rather shy by nature, or if you don’t appreciate “club” evenings, a great way to meet people is the internet. Indeed, millions of single people are just a click away on social networks or the many chats.

Thus, thanks to “Friends from before”, “Facebook” and other “MSN”, nothing could be easier than to find and seduce a childhood friend or to talk for long hours with a completely different person. charming which happens to be a stone’s throw from your home.

However, the strength of the internet in the “dating market” lies mainly in its specialized sites. Put the men we like in our basket (, choose from millions (, find a community of “demanding singles” ( or meet people based on complicity ( www.amour )… the choice is vast. In order not to get lost, just one piece of advice: know what type of meeting you want because each site has its own specialty

The most famous sites:

  • Meetic , if you want to have a choice. Global.

Indisputable leader in internet dating. The profiles are simple and its strength lies mainly in the number of its registrants . However, the profiles are not very meaningful, you will certainly have to make more contacts to find the shoe that suits you.

  • AdoptA Guy , if you are a woman who wants to choose or a man who likes to be approached. Unconventional.

On this site, ladies, you don’t risk being inundated with emails because you choose which man to put in your basket. Like at the supermarket! Women are therefore in the spotlight and these gentlemen just have to wait to be contacted. So sometimes you have to be patient.

  • Parship , if you want to contact or be contacted by those with whom you “objectively” have the most affinities. Rigorous.

free test is carried out when you register in order to calculate the compatibility rates with other members. Then, you are offered the singles who should match you (according to the established percentage).

  • Common points and its originality  : If you want to meet people by cultural affinities. Each member declares his tastes in 4 universes: Cinema, Music, Literature and Media. Thus you will promote sharing, discussion and meeting between members not on the basis of physical or social criteria but on intellectual and cultural criteria.
  • JobMeTender , if you want to recruit your next partner like a HRD!

_How it works ?

Job M e Tender invites you to act as a real HRD ladies: publish your “Love Hiring Offer”  ! Interested men will respond by sending their “love CV” and their cover letter. Only candidates approved by you will be able to contact you. You can then interview your favorite candidates. On Job M e Tender, the young ladies are in the spotlight and lead the recruitment process.

_A new concept

Adopt A Guy Replica? Absolutely not. Job M e Tender helps you find THE Great Love and does not take over from the man to the rank of object. On Job M e Tender, the man is responsible for taking the first step by sending his cover letter to conquer you. You can therefore judge his seriousness, his humor, his creativity… and no longer just his photo.

Take a look at the CV database of male candidates for love! CDD, CDI or even Merger-acquisition for those who dream of marriage, Job M eTender shows us that a serious meeting can also rhyme with conviviality and second degree. And the lack of inspiration for the messages is over: the theme of Dating Love sets the tone and humor is highly recommended! This site is 100% free for girls. Nevertheless, Love Intelligence advises you not to lose sight of what makes a meeting a pretty love story: to reveal yourself in all its authenticity! Do not get attached to the appearance, the superficiality of the appearance or the professional situation of those who will be interested in you; learn to really discover them!

Attractive world, if you are handsome / beautiful and rich. Elitist.

Indeed, after your registration, members have 3 days to vote and give you or not access to their community. Thus, people belonging to a high socio-cultural background with an advantageous physique are the most likely to be admitted.

  • Lovely Web , if you want to be accompanied in your first steps on dating sites

_Lovely Web accompanies you in the search for your future partner thanks to a selection of the best dating sites classified by categories such as:

• Love / friendship • Between seniors • Plump women • Psychological affinities • Various affinities

_You do not manage to meet satisfactory meetings? Thanks to our partnership with Lovely web you will benefit from a multitude of profiles to live a beautiful love story with the person who suits you. The subscribers to this site are multi-generational, have very eclectic personalities, it is impossible that you will not find the right fit. Lovely web is also a selection of different media that will help you adopt the right attitude on dating sites, in order to better identify those who suit you, without falling into easy traps. They are constantly improving their website in order to offer you all the services available in the field of virtual romantic dating, with the sole aim of helping you in your love quest. It is for all these reasons that we have chosen to make them our allies. We assure you that you will not be disappointed with the meetings you meet on Lovely Web.

  • SinglesDuWeb , if you are looking for practical advice to seduce more effectively on their dating site

Singles of the Web is a 100% free, 100% serious dating site . All profiles are manually validated in order to offer a unique, clear and quality site to all its members. Whether you are a man or a woman, your access to the site is completely free. An “articles” section is available to give you advice and tips so that you can better approach your first meetings on the internet or face to face. In addition, the forum is an interesting tool. It is available to everyone to ask questions and get answers from other members of the site. The team is close to its community, and makes it a point of honor to respond to all. A visit to this site should convince you!

On this site created by experts in love counseling, you seduce the other by remaining yourself, by revealing what makes your uniqueness, your personality, your wealth in your “love identity” and your “universes  “.

So, by speaking freely about your joys, your motives in life etc. the environment is conducive to a real discovery of the other (and not to an “express” seduction) and the bond is easily generated.

In addition, you have the opportunity to be helped by an expert Love Intelligence® coach to highlight, in your profile, what makes you unique. The expert can also guide you if you have questions or want to be put in touch with someone. In short, Un Amour de Rencontre is for all those who wish to be on a site that puts them in confidence and who want authentic encounters.

  • Emmanuelles , a site that offers you new ways to meet.

We recently heard from the new Emmanuelles site launched at the end of 2013. This is what we liked: it is a social meeting platform on which you can go alone or with friends, a community space that we have found “in tune with the times” with its collaborative spirit. What’s nice is that you can give your network of friends a little boost by suggesting profiles, put writing at the heart of seduction by sending postal letters to your loved ones s, organize face-to-face or group meetings. To discover then …

Among this wide choice, you therefore have the possibility, according to your personality and your expectations, to find the best way for YOU to meet people.

Last advice  : being open to dialogue and to the personality of the other, making yourself accessible, not hastily judging people and being yourself are the essential keys to great encounters …

Now it’s your turn!

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