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Unfaithful women and understanding them

Unfaithful women and understanding them

Why does a woman cheat on her spouse? What prompts her to “crack” when she is apparently satisfied … or almost? Does the problem come from her relationship, from her, from her development…? Because adultery is too often experienced as a painful mystery, like a taboo that we do not dare try to understand, Love Intelligence helps you to understand these unfaithful women.

Similar scenarios …

Apart from the particular case of libertines, who have never given up on seeing other men from the start of their marriage, the stories of female adultery are often the same. Those of women who seem fulfilled: they lead their family life brilliantly, have many friends, those who work succeed in their professional careers, everything is going rather well with their husbands… But an unforeseen event upsets this balance. A bereavement, a failure, an illness, the discovery that the other has deceived them … Or on the contrary a great joy, a birth, a meeting, a promotion … An event in which a woman needs to feel supported, surrounded, loved. But for this woman, this event corresponds to a painful realization. She realizes that her partner is not there for herat this precise moment, there is no one to support her, guide her, support her: she is in a relationship, but she is alone.

 Need to fill his loneliness. Everything is going very well in appearance, but she does not feel understood, not listened to. She has everything to be happy but she cannot be: what she lacks is simply to be able to communicate in truth.

In any case, adultery acts as an afterthought as a revelation: once the excitement of the transgression subsides, the women who have gone elsewhere take a step back, and that’s when they arrive. go forward. They learn to understand where they are in their couple : either they still love their spouse despite everything, or, on the contrary, their love is dead. The “after” adultery is always a moment of truth.

Are you afraid of infidelity? Do you want to avoid it and live a beautiful love story, or on the contrary to rebuild yourself after adultery? Let yourself be guided, Love intelligence and the Florence Method have the answers to your questions!

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