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Love and alcoholism, how to get out of it?

Love and alcoholism, how to get out of it?

It is the drop of alcohol that makes the glass overflow. Your partner drinks every night (if he / she hasn’t already started the day) to “relax”, but when he / she starts it is not to stop. Evenings always end badly: he / she has nasty alcohol and his behavior becomes excessive. For far too long he / she has traded in his little attentions for you for a bottle of bad wine. Unable to live without his daily intoxication, he / she has made your life hell; that of a partner of alcoholic. The shame of one who drinks can spread to his truly helpless and distraught spouse. How should you react to this situation?


The French are moving from consumption of accompanying meals to consumption for leisure. Alcohol is a factor of conviviality, it is a sociological ritual of the party, it has an initiatory role in the status of man and promotes integration and sociability in “the bistro” after work. Seen like that, we do not doubt that alcoholism affects 2 to 5% of the French population, it appears the 3 th leading cause of death and it significantly reduces life expectancy.



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