Discover 3 ways to heal from a betrayal in love?

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betrayal or to betray means to cease to be loyal to someone or to a cause, to abandon or surrender someone. The term most often associated with betrayal is infidelity. To be faithful is to keep your commitments, to be loyal and devoted. One can trust a faithful person, but once the trust is destroyed, one can suffer betrayal.

Love Intelligence explains how we live with betrayals and gives you precious love advice in order to overcome this wound.


When we live experiences of betrayal, we create a mask to protect ourselves. This mask is that of control. Indeed, the betrayed person controls himself to make sure to respect his own commitments, to be faithful to his values ​​and responsible. After the betrayal, to protect herself, she constantly makes sure that others keep their commitments.

betrayal in love

betrayal in love

Strength is a characteristic common to all people who have a wound of betrayal. It is important for them to stay strong and courageous. They experience any new act of cowardice, therefore lack of courage, like treason. They have great difficulty accepting cowardice in others. These people develop real demands on the other in love (whether it is a new love or the person who betrayed them).

And to protect yourself so as not to show your vulnerability betrayal in love

These people then become extremely observant and have an alert, intense gaze. So when a person who has been betrayed looks at another person, they have the gift of making them feel special, important. She sees everything quickly. She also plays with her gaze to keep the other at bay when he is on the defensive. She has a tendency to stare at and scrutinize the other in an intimidating way. He / she protects himself in this way so as not to show his weakness, vulnerability or helplessness.

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