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Breaking Up Relationship watch out for these signs

in fact, Long Distance Relationships are increasingly booming thanks to advances in technology. The existence of smart phones and the internet makes people not hesitate to have long-distance relationships. Although this relationship itself requires patience and also strong communication because not everyone can be away from loved ones.

There is also a stereotype about LDR, that it is rare that this relationship will last. Most of them broke up in the middle of the road, although not a few ended up in the aisle. But for those of you who are currently undergoing LDR, it’s good for you to know whether your relationship will last or vice versa.

Well, here are 5 signs that your long-distance relationship will soon find the word break by seeing how your partner responds


1. He often ignores your messages (Breaking Up)

It’s pretty obvious that something is wrong with your relationship if your partner doesn’t reply to your messages frequently. Especially if you two routinely exchanged messages with each other. Given that communication is the main key to the success of long distance relationships, of course, this is a point that must be considered.

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You will text him all the time but he rarely replies. Even to open it reluctantly. Maybe you think he’s busy. But you need to know that no matter how busy he is, he will do his best to repay him if you are his priority.

2. She is always active on social media but reluctant to pick up your phone

Breaking Up
Breaking Up

When undergoing LDR, one way to monitor a partner is to look at their social media. What he uploads and how often he is active on social media. You should be suspicious if your partner is always active on their personal social media account but always ignores chat or calls from you.

He doesn’t hesitate to ghosting you. Usually those who suddenly disappeared for no reason showed no more interest like before.

3. He doesn’t have time to hear your complaints

A healthy relationship is a relationship built on mutual trust and good communication. Surely you often exchange stories with your partner about everyday problems. Not infrequently he also gives advice on the problems you are facing.


However, if he suddenly turns cold and is always busy, something could be wrong. Your partner always has a thousand and one reasons to refuse if you want to confide in him. He even always responds casually and seems not to listen to you. If so, chances are he is already bored with your relationship.

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4. Always act like nothing is going on (Breaking Up)

You are very aware that your relationship is wrong when his treatment of you suddenly changes. You also ask what really happened. Moreover, you feel that he has turned cold and has become less attentive.

You certainly want to know what went wrong so that it can be fixed. But if the response always says there is nothing wrong it means quite the opposite. Himself means that you have no intention of fixing the situation and let you ask for a breakup in the end.

5. He often disappears for no reason

Breaking Up
Breaking Up

Everyone certainly has their respective activities. Whether it’s because of work factors or endless college assignments. But that doesn’t mean you can just disappear without a clear reason. Make sure you notify your partner when you are busy so as not to make him worry.

But if your partner for several months has always disappeared for no reason, you must be suspicious about this. Is this a sign that he is getting bored with your relationship or he is too busy. Unfortunately being busy is not an acceptable excuse if he often disappears or ghosting you. It must be in the end that your relationship is headed for separation.


Maybe at first it will hurt especially if you still love him. But believe me time can heal heartache.

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