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china and taiwan news –

Taiwan’s Defense Ministry says China fired multiple ballistic missiles on Thursday. They would have landed in the waters northeast and southwest of the island. The Chinese military confirms that missiles were fired as part of the announced military exercises.

Around 2 p.m. (local time), ballistic Dongfeng missiles were allegedly fired from mainland China. According to the security services, two missiles could be seen over the Taiwanese archipelago of Matsu.

Taiwan and China have not disclosed the exact route and location of the impact. In response to the exercises, Taipei activated air defense systems.

Ballistic missiles are fired to carry a certain (often explosive) payload to a pre-set target. Only during the launch is the rocket controlled, then the projectile continues its path under the influence of gravity, among other things.


china in taiwan

According to China, it has never conducted a larger military exercise around Taiwan. There is shooting with live ammunition both in the air and on the water. About ten Chinese ships are said to have crossed the ‘middle line’ in the Taiwan Strait on Thursday morning.

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Taiwanese ships also sail near that line, which serves as an unofficial border between china’s and Taiwan’s territorial waters. On Wednesday, 27 Chinese warplanes would have crossed the line.

china and taiwan conflict

china and taiwan news

International concerns about military exercises

China began the military exercises on Thursday because of the visit of the American top politician Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan. Beijing is furious about the visit and the fact that the Speaker of the House of Representatives expressed her support for Taiwan. Beijing considers the island a renegade province and sees Pelosi’s trip as a provocation and a violation of China’s sovereignty.

china and taiwan news

Internationally, there is a lot of criticism of China’s moves. They would “make the chance of a conflict real,” says a U.S. national security adviser. Because of the exercise, much of Taiwan’s sea and airspace has been closed.


EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell wrote in a tweet that a visit is “not a reason for military aggression”. The foreign ministers of the G7 countries stated that China’s “escalating response is increasing tension and destabilizing the region”.


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