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If your time is getting shorter and shorter, you should know that online services make life a lot easier. But does this service work when it comes to car insurance? Follow this article and find out if online insurance is reliable.

Currently, it is increasingly common to find people who, due to the rush of everyday life, choose to hire services and buy products online.


It’s no surprise that you can find a huge variety of items and services for sale on the internet.

Cheapest insurance for Renault Duster

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to know whether a company is truly trustworthy, after all, any person or company with bad intentions can appear trustworthy, proof of this is that the number of victims of virtual scams in the country exceeds 12 million.

Among the many possibilities of products and services available on the internet, car insurance is present.

However, hiring this service is very important and needs to be done carefully.


Therefore, it is common to find people who question whether online insurance is reliable.

To help with this issue, we have prepared a special article explaining better how online insurance works, how to know if the companies in question are trustworthy and how to make a good contract without leaving home.

Is online insurance reliable?

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Why buy insurance online?

In addition to the limited time available to visit various car insurance companies and research prices and coverage, currently having a vehicle and not having any type of protection for it is practically unthinkable.


The number of vehicle robberies and thefts grows dramatically over the years, as do cases of accidents involving collisions, floods and many other situations that can easily lead to the total loss of the vehicle.

Therefore, the online insurance option has been increasingly sought after by Brazilians, with the availability of this service it becomes much simpler and faster to choose an insurance company, coverage and take out protection according to your needs.

All this without leaving home, without having to spend extra on fuel, parking or any type of transportation and without the discomfort of waiting to be seen.

How does online insurance work?

Most insurance companies offer the possibility of online insurance, that is, the chance to quote, choose the desired coverage and purchase vehicle protection without leaving home, just using the internet.


In addition to being contracted online, all payment and insurance activation services in the event of accidents can also be done online.

In other words, if after taking out online insurance you suffer an accident covered by your policy, simply contact the company through an online tool and inform them of what happened.

Initially, to take out insurance online you had to carry out the entire procedure alone, without the help of a specialized broker.

Which forced the customer to pay much more attention to details.


However, it is currently possible to count on brokers and even companies specializing in online insurance brokerage.

Which makes the process of hiring this protection even simpler and faster.

In Brazil, there are some good online brokerage options that provide quotes online for you.

The service, in addition to being reliable, can offer better prices to customers.


How to buy insurance online?

To take out insurance online, simply do an internet search to look for companies that provide this type of service.

After finding one or more platforms that offer the service, you must contact them to request an online car insurance quote to receive the amounts that must be paid.

These quotes generally consist of complete reports, where in addition to the values ​​and payment possibilities, the coverage included must also be detailed.

It is worth mentioning that, as the entire hiring process is online, these reports will be sent to the registered email address.



Quote the price of your Auto Insurance now!


A best quote with best brokers by the best prices.

After receiving and carefully analyzing all the offers, simply choose the operator that best meets the items that are important for you to close the deal.


You will have to make the payment.

Insurance payment can be made via direct debit, credit card, or other options.

Once this is done, just wait for the contracted insurance policy to be sent to your email and for the insurance card to be sent to your home.

Difference between online insurance and conventional insurance

Just like conventional insurance, online insurance can also be paid in installments, according to the condition chosen by the customer.


Depending on the company, the customer may also choose to pay by credit card or bank slip.

However, there are some differences between online and conventional insurance, the most important of which are related to service and availability.

With conventional insurance, service is generally provided only in person or over the telephone and depends on a single broker.

With online insurance, contact can be made at any day or time, always depending on each company’s opening hours, and can be via telephone, the website or even chat apps or insurer-specific apps.


Furthermore, the chances of your service being faster with an online insurance company are much greater, after all, it will not depend solely on a professional.

You will be able to resolve everything without having to travel anywhere to take out insurance.

You can do this while at work or from home.

And the best! You don’t need to pay extra for it.


It is important to highlight that online insurance is not only valid for vehicles, but also for travel, home, etc.

Is online insurance reliable?

Just like in any commercial area today, there are some companies or professionals with bad intentions in the field, but in general, there is nothing to worry about.

Online insurance is reliable and efficient.

However, it is important that you do brief research on listed companies to avoid problems.


This research can be done on the SUSEP website – Superintendency of Private Insurance, the company responsible for regulating the entire sector.

Another platform that can help you learn more about the service provided by online insurance companies is the Reclame Aqui website.

By doing this brief research, you will be much calmer.

How to take out good insurance online

We have listed some important items that you should pay attention to when purchasing good insurance online:

  • Check whether the company you are hiring is safe through the SUSEP website;
  • Do research on as many insurance companies online as possible;
  • Compare prices, payment terms and coverage offered;
  • Carefully analyze the 24-hour assistance services and all the benefits offered;
  • Do not omit any car information when making an online car insurance quote;
  • Pay attention to all the possibilities for customizing the coverage offered;
  • Ask any questions you may have to one of the website’s brokers, before hiring the service;
  • Read carefully before signing any type of online insurance contract to avoid losses or contracting a service that will not be used.

By following these guidelines, it will be much simpler to take out good and reliable insurance online.


Is online insurance reliable?

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Is online insurance reliable?



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Is online insurance reliable?


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