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Fiat Maserati Alfieri car insurance
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For those looking for a combination of luxury and design in a single vehicle, they can certainly opt for a Maserati Alfieri. On the outside, it has curves that give the car a very futuristic appearance and 20 and 21 inch alloy wheels that deserve to be highlighted. Because of this, he ends up attracting attention wherever he goes.

To celebrate its centenary, Maserati presented a concept car at the Geneva Motor Show in 2014, the Alfieri, which is based on the GranTurismo MC Stradale, but which has undergone several changes. The options that will be sold will include a coupe version, but also a convertible option.


It must have a platform with a wheelbase reduced by 24 centimeters, totaling 2.70 meters. It has rear or 4-wheel drive. As an entry option, it will have a 3.0-liter V6 engine that generates 410 hp, but there will be versions with 450 or 520 hp with a 6-speed gearbox. In the remodeled version scheduled for 2018, it should have a V8 that develops 560 hp.

Its seats are made of Aniline leather and this same material will be used to finish the panels and sides and in this case it must be complemented with aluminum details.

This model, which is scheduled to be sold in 2016/2017, should arrive to compete with cars such as the Aguar F-type and the Porsche 911. It is expected to be sold at a price of 75,780 euros and the automaker intends to sell up to 75 thousand units by 2018.

Fiat Maserati Alfieri car insurance

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Find out the average price of Fiat Maserati Alfieri car insurance

This car promises to attract attention, but that also ends attracting the attention of bandits and therefore needs to be well protected. Its high commercial value requires that you be even more careful with it, because you need to avoid financial losses in case something happens.


With car insurance it is possible to achieve this peace of mind, however the insurance amount may vary according not only to the car model but also to the driver profile and conditions of use of the vehicle. The value of the Maserati Alfieri is not yet possible to know what the average value will be since the car is not yet being sold, however this price usually averages 10% of the total value of the vehicle, something around 7,500 euros.

But for those who want to be sure of how much they will pay to ensure that this car is protected, you need to wait until it goes on sale. And to be sure of how much the insurance will cost in your case, you need to get a personalized quote and one way to do this is online.

To do this, once you have all the vehicle information, fill out a quote form, answering the questions. This will allow you to prepare a quote according to your characteristics and send it by email with a choice of different insurance companies so you can choose.


Fiat Maserati Alfieri car insurance

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Fiat Maserati Alfieri car insurance


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Fiat Maserati Alfieri car insurance


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