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6 ways to sell more insurance during a pandemic
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While some find it impossible to sell more insurance during the pandemic, others are achieving results never before imagined. See how!

The pandemic caused people to physically distance themselves and the way of selling changed. People started or began to use e-commerce more.

Advertisement wants you to purchase the best insurance for your car. See how!

What used to be purchased in stores or offices can now be purchased from home.

This is only possible due to technology and when it comes to insurance, sales must also follow this format.


Selling insurance online is no longer new, however, Covid-19 has caused more brokers to start using electronic means. If the idea is to use online sales, see what can be done to guarantee good results.

1. Serve customers via video call

Service through digital channels is essential for selling during social isolation. WhatsApp and email are good communication tools for closing a deal, but they do not create a bond.

When opting for video calling,, it is possible to achieve better sales results. The customer will see who they are talking to and this creates a connection. When he sees the broker's expression, he understands that the professional is really trying hard to offer what is best.

This video conversation conveys more confidence and makes the person more likely to close the purchase. The result is much better than those offered by other digital channels.


2. Guarantee a 100% online sale

If you want to sell more, it’s not enough to just serve online. The entire process must be done remotely. In other words, information needs to be passed on remotely, as do prices and hiring.

Forms must be filled out virtually and documents scanned. This way you won't have to leave the house for anything. In addition to the process being faster, the chances of the person giving up on insurance are much lower.

3. Promote on digital channels

If people are on the internet, they need to know that there is the possibility of buying insurance online. Therefore, it is important to publicize brokerage services and the possibility of purchasing insurance.

To do this, it is necessary to invest in advertising on digital channels. Be present where your customers are.


Invest in publicity on social media, be present on all of them with posts that stand out among so much content. They must spark interest and make the customer want to get in touch to purchase insurance.

Also invest in partnerships with websites and blogs and even in sponsored ads to gain visibility.

4. Always innovate in strategy

Just because you thought about using a strategy at the beginning of the pandemic doesn’t mean it needs to stay the same.

A year ago, Tik Tok was not a popular social network, but that has changed. In this case, you can invest in it to reach a larger audience, if it makes sense for your audience. Video conferencing was also another resource that gained relevance and cannot be left aside to sell more insurance.


You need to pay attention to opportunities to promote your service as a broker and create ways to be present.

5. Bet on content

Creating content is an indirect way of selling more insurance and brings excellent results.

The content can be texts on a blog, videos on YouTube, among others. These materials can talk about insurance, teach how it works and answer common customer questions.

So, when people look for an answer to their questions, they will come across your content. When they realize that it is of quality, they gain confidence in whoever wrote it and arouse their interest in taking out insurance.


After all, to sign up for a plan, they will look for someone they trust. In this case, the source of the content. For the sale to be finalized, you only need to guarantee a means of contact.

6. Diversify your options

Customers have different needs, so there is no point in having a standard product. The more insurance options you have to offer, the greater the chance of having what the person is looking for.

To sell more insurance you need to have partnerships with different insurance companies. They must have varied products and price ranges for all budgets.

By achieving this, you will satisfy more people and increase the chances of a deal being closed.


As you have seen, there are several ways to sell more insurance during the pandemic, but they all use digital means. Be present on the internet and don't miss good opportunities to improve your indicators.

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6 ways to sell more insurance during a pandemic

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6 ways to sell more insurance during a pandemic


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6 ways to sell more insurance during a pandemic

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