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Insurance deductible for third parties: understand everything about it!
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Understand once and for all how the insurance deductible for third parties works. Follow this article and clarify all your doubts about this him.

When purchasing car insurance, all information about it must be included in the policy, however, drivers still have many doubts about all the issues surrounding this service, especially about the insurance excess for third parties.


Therefore, we have prepared a complete article, explaining in detail how the third-party insurance franchise works, how to activate third-party insurance and much more.

How does a third-party accident on a rental car work?

But, before we talk about the subject, you need to understand well what the deductible and third-party insurance are.

How does the third-party insurance deductible work?

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What is third party insurance?

When you take out insurance, you can choose from the many coverages that will be available.


Optional Civil Liability for Vehicles RCF-V is one of them, a coverage popularly known as third-party insurance.

This additional coverage serves to guarantee assistance in cases of accidents involving other people, to cover material, bodily or moral damages.

In other words, when hiring it, if you cause a collision and have to pay the repair costs for the other vehicle, just activate the insurance and it will take care of everything.

In addition to covering expenses related to repairs to the vehicle, walls and facades of homes or businesses, if you crash your car, third-party insurance also offers coverage for medical assistance, hospital care and medical expenses such as exams and medications.


It also serves to cover legal cases, that is, if the insured person responsible for the accident is accused of moral damages, and is court-ordered to pay compensation, the insurance can cover this cost and also cover procedural and legal costs.

However, this coverage is not unlimited, it has a limit that must be stipulated when purchasing car insurance.

In general, the minimum to be contracted is R$50,000, but it is best to opt for higher coverage.

What is the amount of third-party insurance coverage?

The value of insurance for third parties will depend on what was contracted, the most common being coverage of R$100,000.


This means that if you cause damage to third parties, this amount will be made available by the insurance company to repair the person.

Let's suppose you cause an accident and this results in a dent in the bodywork of the other vehicle.

By having RCF-V coverage, when activating the insurance, the insurer will take care of the necessary repairs to the vehicle, or will cover the necessary medical and hospital expenses, or even pay compensation as long as all the sums are within the limit available.

It is worth remembering that these costs covered by the insurance company do not exceed the contracted limit.


Therefore, if within these situations mentioned above, you have an amount of R$112 thousand to pay to the victim of the accident caused by you.

And, if your contracted coverage is R$100,000, the excess R$12 must come out of your pocket.

Furthermore, this coverage limit for third parties is not renewable, that is, after being used once, it does not return to the original value.

Therefore, if your coverage is R$100,000 and you are involved in an accident and have expenses equal to R$70,000, you will have available until the end of the term of your policy only R$30,000 to reimburse possible other expenses with the 3rd.


How do I claim insurance in these cases?

For third-party insurance to be activated, the insured must first assume responsibility for the accident.

After this, it is necessary to contact the insurance company and communicate what happened so that the process can move forward and the third party can be compensated.

This compensation can occur in different ways, so you need to check with the insurance company which step by step is best for you.

Once this is done, the expenses for necessary repairs and possible medical care will be covered by the insurance company.


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Is it necessary to pay a deductible to activate insurance for third parties?

The good news is that when you need to activate insurance for third parties, you will not need to pay a deductible.

That's right, there is no insurance deductible for third parties. But, assuming that the collision caused damage to your car and that of the third party.

As the RCF-V does not have a deductible, in this case you will not need to pay anything, but to repair your vehicle you will be charged the deductible, agreed in the policy.

Therefore, the insurance deductible for third parties is exempt, but only that. If you have to carry out repairs on your vehicle, you will also pay the deductible so that the insurance takes care of it.


So, before calling your insurance to carry out repairs on your car, first see if it is worth paying the deductible for this, or if it is more worthwhile to carry out the repairs yourself.

I don't pay a deductible, but do I lose my bonus class?

Yes. Every time you activate one of the insurance coverages (except 24-hour assistance) you lose 1 point in your bonus class.

These points are acquired annually, whenever you renew your insurance without having contacted the insurer once for the entire policy period.

These bonuses can be used to provide discounts when renewing your insurance.


And, although it is not a rule, each of them usually generates a discount of up to 5% on the final value of the new policy.

Therefore, even if you do not have any deductible expenses on third-party insurance, you will no longer accumulate points.

Therefore, it is often more worthwhile to also bear the costs of the third party on your own than to take out the insurance. As in the case of just breaking a flashlight, for example.

Is it really important to have third party insurance?

Contrary to what you might think, it is very important to have this coverage. Because, no matter how careful you are behind the wheel, no one is free from being involved in an accident.


In Brazil, in 2018 alone, more than 47 thousand deaths were recorded in traffic accidents.

And, insurance for third parties, in addition to covering material, physical and moral expenses, also provides payment of compensation for death or disability.

What if I am the victim in a car accident?

As we said, you can only claim third-party insurance to repair someone else's vehicle if you are responsible for the accident.

If you are the victim and the culprit has civil liability coverage, then you can enter into their insurance as a third party.


However, if the person responsible does not have insurance and assumes his fault, you can activate your insurance, pay the deductible and collect it from him later.

Therefore, in this case it is important that you talk and leave everything agreed with the other driver, try to get their contact details.

We hope that all your doubts about the third party insurance deductible have been clarified.

But, if you still have any questions about the insurance deductible for third parties, look for a broker you trust and ask for more information.


Insurance deductible for third parties: understand everything about it!

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Insurance deductible for third parties: understand everything about it!


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Insurance deductible for third parties: understand everything about it!

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