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How to activate third-party insurance? Understand at SeguroAuto!
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Having third party insurance is the smartest thing a person can do. However, if you don't understand exactly how to activate third-party insurance, or even how it works, find out in this article.

Being able to count on insurance for third parties is as important as taking out protection for your car.


In a situation where you are at fault for an accident, this coverage can make all the difference.

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This coverage, also known as RCF-V – Optional Vehicle Civil Liability, can be contracted in two ways.

Alone, accompanied by 24-hour assistance, or within complete insurance coverage, known as comprehensive.

In this article, we will talk more about what it is for and how it works, as well as explaining the correct way to activate insurance for third parties.


Follow along and ask all your questions.

How to activate third-party insurance?

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What is third party insurance for and how does it work?

This insurance coverage serves exclusively to compensate for possible losses caused by the insured person to other people in collisions or traffic accidents.

The damages subject to compensation under this coverage may be material, bodily or moral.


Insurance coverage for third parties works based on an indemnity limit that must be stipulated at the time of contracting.

In general, insurers offer a minimum coverage of R$50,000 for this type of insurance, but the insured can take out the amount they find most appropriate.

Once the value has been defined, all indemnities to third parties that are necessary during the policy period must be paid up to this limit.

The amounts that exceed the contracted ceiling must be paid exclusively by the insured.


Continue reading and better understand what types of damage are covered by Optional Civil Liability insurance, how it works and how to activate third-party insurance.

Types of damage caused to third parties

As we have already said, damages caused to third parties and covered by this type of insurance can be material, bodily or moral.

In the first case, coverage for damage caused to another person's vehicle is guaranteed, as long as this is within the amount previously stipulated in the insurance contract.

In addition to damage to other vehicles, the insurance also covers damage caused to walls, storefronts and houses and even damage caused to bicycles in cases of accidents involving cyclists.


In the second option, where it says that the insurance covers bodily damages, this means that the insurance guarantees compensation for damages caused by an accidental collision, or even injuries caused due to the collision.

This insurance coverage can be used to cover hospital expenses, emergency aid and possible compensation for disability or even death.

As long as these indemnities are also in accordance with a value stipulated in the policy.

Finally, insurance coverage for third parties covers expenses related to moral damages.


In other words, if for some reason the insured is sued by the accident victim and loses, all legal expenses and compensation determined by the court will be paid by the insurance.

Is there a deductible charge to activate insurance for third parties?

No, when activating insurance for third parties there is no need to pay the deductible, unless the insured vehicle is an ambulance, armored car or police vehicle.

Otherwise, the payment of a deductible for activating insurance for third parties is not foreseen.

Therefore, if you hit someone else's car and cause damage, you will not have any expenses when you have third-party insurance coverage.


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However, you will lose one point in your bonus class for each activation you make for this coverage.

What does it take for insurance to pay for damages caused to third parties?

It is common for policyholders to have doubts regarding the extent of insurance coverage for third parties.

And to make it clear, we will show what situations are necessary for the insurance to pay compensation to third parties. See below:

Firstly, the insured must actually assume responsibility.


As obvious as this is, if it is not taken into account, the insurance will not pay for the repair of the other vehicle, or the damage caused.

The car must undergo an analysis carried out by the insurance company, which must determine that the insured party is really at fault.

The insurance will pay for damages caused to the third party, whether physical, material or moral, up to the amount stipulated in the contract by the insured at the time of contracting.

How is compensation paid?

For the third party to be compensated, the insured must activate the insurance and open a claim for a third party.


Some vehicle and personal documents will be requested and then the car must be sent for a quote at an accredited workshop.

Once the damages are calculated, compensation will be made. Whether these are partial, damages to the vehicle that can be repaired, or total, the insurance company is then responsible for paying full compensation.

Remembering that this payment will be in accordance with the amount stipulated in the policy.

It should also be said that there are no contractual clauses that regulate the type of full compensation in cases of total loss, which must be paid to the third party, therefore, the insurer may make this compensation in accordance with the Fipe table, or it may negotiate a value market with the third party.


When the damage is bodily, that is, injuries and other problems that require medical help or hospital care.

The third party must gather all proof of expenses for consultations, care, medications and possible surgical interventions.

With these receipts in hand, simply forward them to the insurance company so that they can reimburse these expenses.

When bodily compensation refers to a type of disability caused to the victim by the accident.


Therefore, a judge must determine the value of the compensation, according to the disability caused, so that the insurance company can cover this cost.

Lastly, there are moral damages, which can come from legal proceedings.

In other words, if the victim feels morally harmed for some reason, whether due to the insured's disrespectful approach or missing an important appointment due to the collision.

It will be up to the victim to file a lawsuit for moral damages and, if successful, the insurance company will be obliged to pay the indemnity and the payment of legal costs by the insured.


How to activate third-party insurance?

Let's assume that you weren't able to brake in time and hit the back of a car, causing major damage to its bodywork.

If you have insurance for third parties, the first step is to assume responsibility for the victim and contact your insurance broker or your insurer.

They will guide you on how to proceed with the next steps, as each insurance company has different processes in these cases.

If there are injuries in the accidents, you will need to call the military police to register a police report and call an ambulance if the injury is more serious and requires emergency assistance.


After these first steps, you just need to forward all the requested documents to the insurance company, both yours and those of the victim, and from then on the insurance company will take care of covering all the necessary costs covered by your policy.

Now, if you were the victim in a traffic accident and the person responsible has car insurance, you will be the third party on his insurance.

In this case, it is also worth knowing what to do if you are the victim.

We hope that your doubts about how to activate insurance for third parties have been clarified, but if you still have questions, it is best to contact a trusted insurance broker and request more information.


How to activate third-party insurance? Understand at SeguroAuto!

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How to activate third-party insurance? Understand at SeguroAuto!


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How to activate third-party insurance? Understand at SeguroAuto!

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