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Can I transfer my auto insurance bonus class?
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The bonus class is a discount on auto insurance. Knowing whether you can transfer this benefit to someone can be very advantageous, as you could help someone else contract the protection. So, read the article and find out more about the subject!

Being able to help a friend or loved one is always good, isn't it? When we can do this easily, even better!


An alternative to this “good deed” is to transfer your auto insurance bonus class.

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Transferring bonus classes is worth it because whoever receives the benefit gets a discount on insurance.

The option is even more interesting for people who do not have the financial means to cover the cost of car insurance.

Or, for those who would end up paying a very high price because of the region where the car is driven.


But of course, transferring requires care. Because the possibility is not available to everyone.

Below we explain how bonus classes work and when you can transfer them to someone else. Keep following!

Can I transfer my auto insurance bonus class?

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What is bonus class?

In addition to avoiding headaches and inconveniences that can disrupt the insured's life, not being involved in claims brings a lot of advantage to the pocket, as with the bonus class.


The bonus class is a discount that the insured, who has not been involved in any accident during the coverage period, receives at the time of contract renewal.

This discount may increase as the insurance becomes older. This is as long as the individual is not involved in any accident.

In other words, the discount for the third year of renewal will be greater than that for the second year, and so on.

Partial loss and full loss bonus classes

Bonus classes are counted as in a points program.


After one year without a claim, the user accumulates one point. After two years, two points, and so on.

If the policyholder suffers a claim, they lose one of their bonus classes. After all, he will need to contact the insurance company.

Therefore, if he had 3 classes, he will have 2 as soon as he claims the accident. Soon after, he will have to wait another year without a claim to complete 3 classes again.

The logic is the same for when the car is completely lost. A complete loss occurs when the vehicle cannot be repaired, as it has damage exceeding 75% of its market value.


In this situation, the user receives full insurance compensation for the purchase of another vehicle. At the same time, you lose 1 point in your bonus class.

The remaining classes can be used to purchase insurance for the new car.

In fact, it is important to highlight this point: when a complete loss occurs, the car insurance is terminated.

To receive protection for a new vehicle, you must contract the service again.


How do “points” work in partial loss?

In partial loss, on the other hand, the insured car is repaired. After all, your damages will have been up to 75% of the market cost of the car.

In this situation, the user receives the amounts to repair the vehicle, and the policy continues to be valid until the end of the contract.

In any case, there is a loss of a bonus class, as the insurance company has been contacted. When renewing the service, the user will not be entitled to a new class.

This will only happen after, with a new contract, the individual completes one year without incidents.


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24-hour assistance services, such as towing and help after an electrical breakdown, are not considered claims. Therefore, they do not cause the loss of classes.

The user can accumulate a maximum of 10 bonus classes.

Each “point” of a bonus class generates a percentage discount on the insurance contract.

This percentage varies by insurer. Therefore, it is important to check what your benefit will be with the company.


Can I lose my bonus class if I change vehicles or insurance companies?

The answer to this question is extremely simple.

When we think about bonus class and how to transfer the auto insurance bonus class to another person, we need to think that in this modality, we are thinking about the person, that is, the customer.

This means that the discount is associated with the customer, their CPF, and not the vehicle or anything else.

Therefore, if the insured person changes cars, the discount will continue to be valid.


And if you change insurers, the same thing happens: the consumer must receive the discount equally.

Insurance companies maintain a system with unified consultation, so that they can check whether or not the user's bonus classes exist.

Can I transfer my auto insurance bonus class to someone else?

Just like any other product, the lower the price, the better. Therefore, knowing whether and how to transfer your car insurance bonus class is of great help to everyone.

But let's get to the answer you want so much: yes, it is possible to transfer your car insurance bonus class!


But this cannot be done for just anyone. Only transfers that occur between:

  • Spouses, upon proof of marriage certificate;
  • Parents and children, upon proof of birth certificate;
  • From a legal entity to an individual, only when the individual is a partner or owner of the business. It is necessary to prove the information by presenting the articles of incorporation.

With the bonus class transferred, the user who received the “points” will have access to the insurance company's discounts.

The insured person who transfers classes can choose to transfer all of them, or keep some for their own insurance.

It is only important to negotiate these aspects with the contracted insurance company.

As mentioned, an individual can accumulate a maximum of 10 bonus classes.


Transferring your points to someone else can be a way to continue accumulating classes, in addition to benefiting a third party.

If you already have 10 points, the point that would have been obtained when renewing the contract will be lost. Better to take advantage of it, even if it's transferring it, right?

Now that you know when to transfer your car insurance bonus class to someone else, it becomes easier to help your family.

If you still have any questions regarding the subject, comment below! We will be happy to answer you!


Can I transfer my auto insurance bonus class?

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Can I transfer my auto insurance bonus class?


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Can I transfer my auto insurance bonus class?

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