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What is RETA insurance? –
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RETA insurance is mandatory protection for aircraft. Discover in this article what coverage it offers, who is exempt from this protection and much more.

Just like land vehicles, water and air transport also need to have good insurance to be protected from possible problems or accidents.


And, this is exactly what RETA insurance is all about, this service offers protection for aircraft that transport passengers, cargo and even those with a single crew that are used to maintain plantations.

If you want to better understand what RETA insurance is, how it works and what coverage and exemptions it has, follow this article.

What is RETA insurance?

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Understand better what RETA insurance is

RETA insurance or Operator's or Air Carrier's Civil Liability is mandatory insurance for aircraft that guarantees protection for all risks involving air transport, from problems with luggage, crew and passengers, to damage caused to the aircraft, reimbursements related to expenses incurred in incidents involving the insured property and legal responsibilities.


This insurance is mandatory and must be used by all aircraft regardless of their use or operation.

Even those used for agricultural or private purposes that do not transport passengers must have RETA insurance.

However, private planes that do not carry passengers or agricultural planes piloted by the owners themselves are exempt from some coverage, requiring only coverage for People and Goods on the Ground and Collision and Collision.

According to ANAC (National Civil Aviation Agency), the body that oversees the aviation sector in Brazil and, when necessary, requires documents from aircraft owners or lessees, it is mandatory to take out RETA insurance.


This obligation is provided for in law 7565, of December 19, 1986 in the Brazilian Aeronautics Code and in appendix B of RBHA 47, established within the limits of the statement DECAT 001/95 of January 23, 1995 from IRB – Instituto de Reinsurão do Brasil , as well as in Resolution nº 37, published on August 7, 2008.

To prove that a specific aircraft has RETA insurance, if there is an inspection it will be necessary to present the insurance policy or certification with its validity period and proof of payment.

What are the RETA insurance coverages?

Coverage is divided into 4 categories:

  1. Crew – protection for crew members, this coverage guarantees the rights of all people on board the aircraft who are not passengers;
  2. Pax (passengers) – coverage that aims to guarantee the protection of aircraft passengers by offering compensation in cases of death or permanent disability or temporary disability. It also covers medical care and supplementary expenses. Luggage options may be included in your coverage;
  3. People and Goods on the ground – this coverage covers accidents that may occur on the ground, before or after the flight. The coverage is the same as in previous cases and includes material damage caused to third parties;
  4. Collision and collision – this coverage only covers damage caused to the crashed aircraft when there is proof of fault.

Aircraft for commercial use, such as carriers, air taxis and larger airlines, are required to take out all the coverage mentioned above, remembering that baggage coverage can be sold separately or together with passenger and crew coverage.

This will depend on the way each insurer works.


Private aircraft that do not carry passengers, such as those for agricultural use, for example, are required to only cover people and goods on the ground and collisions and collisions.

As with car insurance, RETA insurance compensation values ​​in the event of an accident are also variable and it is important that they are all clearly described in the contracted insurance policy.

It is worth mentioning that RETA insurance is mandatory for all aircraft, that is, not only planes of all sizes but also helicopters of all sizes and for all purposes.

Therefore, if you intend to travel by plane or helicopter, you can now make your journey more relaxed, knowing that all aircraft must be protected by RETA insurance in order to operate.


And, if you own an aircraft, pay attention to the dates so as not to let the RETA insurance expire and fail to comply with mandatory standards.

Take the opportunity to get a quote for your RETA insurance now or get a new quote for a newly acquired aircraft.

What is RETA insurance? –

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What is RETA insurance? –



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What is RETA insurance? –

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