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Insurance company may refuse auto insurance
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The insurer may refuse car insurance in certain situations, but to do so, you need to pay attention to the analyzes carried out by the companies.

What many people don't know is that the insurance company can refuse car insurance in certain situations. Therefore, when hiring, the owner must pay attention to all the details.


When the driver decides to insure his car, he must bear in mind that the company has no obligation to approve such a contract.

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After all, many factors must be analyzed for the car or owner to pass the approval test.

However, the deadlines stipulated by law for all these procedures to be carried out are 15 days. However, there are some situations where there is the possibility of recourse, generally looking for another insurer.

When the insurance company may refuse car insurance

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What reasons can the insurance company refuse car insurance?

In the same way that banks carry out a credit analysis before granting the customer a card with a high limit, insurance companies work.

But, in this specific case, in addition to analyzing the owner, the company will also check the condition of the car and inform whether or not it meets the pre-established requirements.

Therefore, it is necessary to find out about the details before going to an insurance company. This way, you will be prepared for eventualities.

Expired driver's license

One of the reasons that may prevent drivers from purchasing car insurance is the fact that they have not renewed their license within the right period.


Therefore, there is no way to travel freely through the main avenues, with an expired driver's license, since there is inspection on the roads and if the owner is detained, there are not many things that the company can help with.

A more viable or valid option would be to take out the insurance in the name of another person, be it a spouse or a family member, as long as this meets the insurer's requirements.

Old or discontinued car

Nowadays, owning an old car is something for collectors, after all, maintaining such a relic requires money and time.

However, there are still people who take risks and put very old models out on the streets. However, if something fatal happens, finding replacement parts can be a huge headache.


Therefore, for the insurer, offering protection for a vehicle in these conditions may not be as advantageous, which means that many companies avoid signing a contract with the owner of an old car.

Irregular automobiles

Just as the driver's license may be expired and prevent the insurer from refusing car insurance, the car having a fine or delayed registration will prevent any company from offering any protection.

Even though the outstanding fine is a tiny amount, it will appear in the system as being owed, and will therefore make it difficult for the owner to get it insured.

Another issue is related to the chassis, where companies, upon discovering it, immediately call the driver and refuse the request.


Luxury vehicles

In the same way that old cars are hindered by the difficulty in finding parts, the opposite can also happen, as is the case with high-end cars.

Following a logical line of reasoning, cars in this category are more attractive to criminals, therefore, the number of thefts of some models ends up being higher.

For the insurance company, the contract to protect a car of high financial size is not so advantageous, not due to accidents, but rather, due to the number of robberies that can happen and the company being unable to reverse such value in a short period of time.

What to do if the insurance company refuses car insurance?

During the 15 days, the process may have a positive result, or be denied. In these situations, there is not much that can be done other than contacting another company.


If more than one attempt is made and it is always denied, it is recommended to try to correct the main problem why the company rejected the proposal.

In other words, if the car has outstanding fines, it will be necessary to pay everything off. If the problem found is with the driver's license, it must be resolved and only then subject to a new analysis.

There is also the possibility of choosing only a few coverages, the main ones being: against robbery, theft, towing and any extremely necessary coverage, which depends on each person.

If the insurance company can refuse auto insurance, one of the only solutions in this case is to seek other opinions or resolve the initial problem.


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Insurance company may refuse auto insurance

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Insurance company may refuse auto insurance


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Insurance company may refuse auto insurance

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