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When do I lose my car insurance bonus?
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Do you want to better understand how the auto insurance bonus works and when it can increase or be lost? So follow this article and learn more about the subject.

If you have car insurance, you may have already heard about the car insurance bonus class and how it can offer discounts and benefits to policyholders. However, there may be doubts about this matter.


Therefore, we prepared this article to better explain how this benefit works and when you can earn or lose bonuses from car insurance.

Follow and understand the most important points on the subject.

When do I lose the insurance bonus?
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What is a car insurance bonus?

The car insurance bonus is a score that the insured person has and which can be converted into discounts when renewing the insurance.

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This score can be increased or reduced according to the insured’s behavior.

All companies that work with this type of service and are authorized by SUSEP have this benefit that works as follows: when taking out insurance you start to collect points towards the bonus.


The longer you have the insurance and the fewer claims that occur, the higher your score will be.

This score varies from 0 to 10, and its variation to more or less depends directly on the number of incidents that the insured has with the insurance.

In practice, every year that you fulfill a car insurance contract without activating the insurance to resolve claims, you gain one point on your insurance bonus classthis means that, if you have one or more claims recorded during the term of your policy, no points will be assigned to your class at the end of the contract.

It is also worth mentioning that, every time your car insurance is activated in the event of an accident, a point is subtracted from your bonus class.


Therefore, it is worth considering this information before contacting the insurance company for any reason.

After all, the more points you have, when renewing your insurance, whether with your current company or another, the greater the discount granted.

It is important to say that SUSEP does not define rules regarding this score, so pay attention to the policy. Ask your insurance broker questions about the safe bonus class and others.

What are the 8 situations in which I lose my insurance bonus?

There are some cases where it is possible to lose points in the insurance bonus class, or even the total bonus. It is worth noting that there is no SUSEP bonus rule.


We have separated the main situations in which this happens so that you know how to prevent this unpleasantness:

  1. Renew insurance 2 to 4 months late

Renewing your insurance policy 2 to 4 months after its expiry may cause your bonus score to decrease.

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If the renewal is made within 120 days of the end of the policy, 1 point is lost.

  1. Renew insurance 4 to 6 months late

As in the previous case, your score will also be subtracted here.

In this case, the reduction will be a little larger, 2 points.

  1. Allow more than 6 months to pass for renewal

If it takes more than 6 months to renew the insurance, the companies understand that it is as if you were a new user and, therefore, the previous score is reset, that is, you will have to start adding points all over again.

  1. Claim with partial loss

This type of accident indicates that you needed to contact the insurance company to carry out a repair on the vehicle and, every time this happens, 1 bonus point is lost.

The more claims you have registered, the greater the loss.

  1. Total loss claim

A total loss is characterized when the repair of the vehicle corresponds to 75% or more of its value, or in cases of robbery and theft without recovery.

In any of these cases, the points you have are also reduced, using the same rule of 1 point for each claim.

  1. Third Party Repair

When you cause accidents where it is necessary to activate the insurance to carry out repairs on a third party’s car and your insurance has this coverage against third parties, another 01 point in your bonus class will be lost.


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  1. Activate passenger insurance

When passengers are involved in an accident and their car insurance is activated through APP coverage, a point will also be deducted from the insurance bonus.

  1. Change insurance category

This loss normally occurs when changing insurance to one with lower value and less coverage.

If you have comprehensive car insurance, and decide to switch to one with basic coverage against theft and theft only, there is a reduction in the insurance category and, consequently, also in the bonus class.

Why do I need an insurance broker?

There is not a bonus rule how many points will be removed from your account and this will vary depending on the rules of each insurer.

So, get in touch with any questions you may have about the bonus Azul, Porto Seguro, MAPFRE, HDI Seguros, Allianz, Tokyo Marine, among others.

But it’s logical that that’s not why you’ll end up with insurance that isn’t suited to your profile, right?


When do I lose the insurance bonus?

Not all attitudes related to car insurance cause you to lose points in your bonus class.

In some cases, it is possible to earn points or lose nothing. See some examples below:

  • Use 24-hour assistance: The 24-hour assistance service is an additional option offered by insurance companies and, as it does not involve a claim, it does not consume bonus points.
  • Renew insurance quickly: If you renew your insurance up to 30 days in advance, you earn one more point. Between 31 and 60 days, you don’t win, but you don’t lose either.
  • Change insurance company: It is worth noting that the bonuses belong to the insured person and not the insurance company, that is, they are linked to the customer’s CPF or CNPJ. This means that if you decide to switch insurers, you will not lose your bonus class points. As long as you do this within the deadline for renewing your policy according to the period of validity.

Knowing when your insurance bonus is lost, won or nothing happens, it becomes much easier to control your score and know what your discount will be.

To give you an idea, each point in your bonus class can generate an average of a 5% discount when renewing your policy.

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If I change cars in the middle of a policy, will I lose the insurance bonus?

Did you take out car insurance at the beginning of the year and are thinking about changing your car now, but are you worried about the possibility of losing points in your car insurance bonus class?

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As mentioned previously, your bonus class points are linked to your name and document, which can be either your company’s CPF or CNPJ, and not to the insured vehicle.


Therefore, if you change vehicles during the term of a policy you will not lose any points in your bonus class.

If you have questions about this subject, it is a good idea to talk to your broker before purchasing a new vehicle.

You can also speak to your insurance company, whether Azul Seguros, Allianz, Tokyo Marine, Porto Seguro telephone, among others.

This way you won’t run any risks and can maintain your benefit without any difficulties.


It is important to emphasize that the insurance bonus score is independent of the vehicle model or insurance value.

In other words, it doesn’t matter if you have cheaper insurance or not, what matters is that you avoid losing your points.

To do this, just stay away from these 8 situations shown here.

Also consider other situations to make it easier not to claim your car insurance and lose the bonus.


Among them, see which cars are most stolen in your city and consider buying a less popular model.

In case of class transfers, will I lose the insurance bonus?

There are insurers that do allow the transfer of the insurance bonus class to another driver. However, it is important to know that this rule is only valid for authorized people, such as between children and parents or between spouses.

Furthermore, it is possible to transfer the insurance bonus class from a legal entity to an individual. However, in this case there are also regras.

It is important to always pay attention to your contract and resolve your doubts directly with an insurance broker.


I renewed my car insurance, but the insurance company didn’t inform me about the bonus and I was left without a discount, what do I do?

Generally, the driver responsible for the car insurance contract finds out about the bonus himself to find out how much discount he can get.

The insurance bonus class can be consulted using the CI number in the contract. Just check with your data, or in the product or vehicle data fields. There are 14 digits and you can request the percentage directly with this code.

If the bonus was not added when renewing the contract, we suggest that you contact your insurance company, be it Tokio Marine, Azul Seguros, Allianz, Porto Seguro telephone, among other car insurance companies.

Is it possible to buy points to use as a discount when renewing car insurance?

Car insurance bonus points are added, as you saw above, depending on the duration of the protection contracted and whether the insurance is not activated. Therefore, there is no possibility of buying points to use as a discount when renewing insurance for cars, motorcycles or others.


And to keep your bonus class safe, follow the guidelines above. They work for most insurance companies, be it Youse, MAPFRE, Azul Bonus.

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If in doubt, speak to your insurance broker.

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When do I lose my car insurance bonus?

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When do I lose my car insurance bonus?


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When do I lose my car insurance bonus?


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