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This article talks about the importance of taking out Fluence GT insurance, as the model is a recent launch from the brand. Furthermore, check out the advantages and disadvantages and see if it’s worth having yours!

Arriving as the first model created by Renault Sport, the Fluence GT was presented at the São Paulo Motor Show in 2012 and less than a year later it is already a huge success due to its style that appeals to many drivers who love four wheels.


The comments are diverse and, as always, there can be negative and positive things. No wonder, as its direct competitors are nothing more and nothing less than the Peugeot 408 Griff THP and VW Jetta Highline TSi. Is it worth investing in this launch then? And why take out car insurance for the Fluence GT? That's what's worth checking out!

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Why take out insurance for your Fluence GT?

As it is a launch, the Renault Fluence GT is not yet on the table with rates of stolen cars, however, as it is a recent model on the automotive market, it is not known whether its maintenance will be extensive or whether the parts will be expensive (as its size, you can just get an idea).

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That's why prevention is always the best way to ensure that your car stays new and protected, without major inconvenience. Taking out Fluence Gt insurance is the best way to guarantee these two things and still enjoy the comfort of a launch that is winning lots of praise.


What is the value of Fluence GT insurance?

Knowing the exact value of Fluence GT insurance is not possible due to variations in region, insurers and also the amount of time you will carry it. However, you can already have an average that can be around R$2,880.00.

As with all other models, when it comes to getting a car insurance quote, the best thing to do is research and compare different values, as there can be very significant differences for your budget. Always check the coverage to see if the chosen insurance company offers it in accordance with SUSEP rules.

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That's why it's best to wait a little longer and get a quote from renowned companies. It's easy and you don't even need to leave the internet. Then just wait and receive personalized quotes by email and ensure that your Renault Fluence GT is protected and your savings are also good.

Advantages and disadvantages of having a Fluence GT

There are many advantages to having a Fluence GT. Those who like speed may find the fact that the Renault Fluence Gt goes from 0 to 100 km/h in eight seconds very advantageous. Its sporty style and ability to reach 220 km/h is also something that draws attention and gives it an advantage over its competitors.


As a disadvantage, the automatic transmission is missing amidst so much speed and the fact that it is not yet a well-known model to know whether there will be maintenance problems or not makes people a little insecure even with its launch. Furthermore, the model overhaul costs, on average, R$1,400, making it the most expensive compared to other competitors in the category.

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However, if you take out car insurance it is possible to buy a Renault Fluence GT and take advantage of the launch benefits without worrying about mere details. Protect yours and show off with a modern sports car!

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