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i30 insurance: protect your car and drive much more
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This article will help you learn more about the Hyundai i30 and shows the advantages and disadvantages of having one of these models. It also helps those who need to take out i30 insurance, in order to protect them.

Launched in 2009, the Hyundai i30 is manufactured in Korea and competes with the Peugeot 207, Ford Focus and Fiat Bravo. With an average of 2,500 sales per month, this model arouses a lot of interest among drivers.


Its external part is what draws the most attention, but its interior also wins points in relation to the large internal space. However, as there are so many models that have these design and interior features in demand, comparing their advantages and disadvantages and finding out about Hyundai i30 car insurance is the best way to guarantee an ideal new car or protect your current one.

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Why take out insurance for your i30?

Even though it doesn't appear much among the most stolen cars in Brazil, the Hyundai i30 has a small history of theft due to having parts that are difficult to replace. Therefore, there is nothing better than protecting your vehicle in the correct way: taking out i30 insurance.

Do you know the difference between vehicle protection and car insurance? Let us explain, 😉

Thus, in addition to protecting your vehicle from possible theft (as not being among the first most stolen does not mean that it is free from any threat), you guarantee your trips in case the car breaks down and you need to leave it in the workshop for a while ( It's worth taking out insurance with a spare car, especially if you use the car for work).


It's simple: just find the ideal insurance and be able to drive around a lot more with a model that is a sales success, because there's no point in having a success in your garage if you can't get it out of there for fear of it being stolen, stolen or even broken.

What is the value of i30 insurance?

The value of i30 insurance varies a lot, but the average is around R$2,500. It is not a very reasonable value if compared to the car model and many even consider it one of the disadvantages of the Hyundai, but if you analyze the difficulty in finding spare parts and the value of these parts, in addition to the peace of mind of being able to drive the car anywhere Without worrying about robberies and thefts, the insurance cost ends up being even cheaper.

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It is also necessary to remember that, as in other cases, this price tends to change according to the profile of the driver and also the insurance company, so the best option is to carry out research with the best companies in the sector and guarantee the lowest value.

Advantages and disadvantages of having an i30

With so many features and so much popularity in the number of sales, the advantages of the Hyundai i30 are due to its finish, equipment, 5-year warranty, great stability in curves and comfortable interior space.


However, among the disadvantages is its small authorized network, where even with a 5-year warranty it is difficult to replace parts, in addition to being difficult to find. The tires are also among the complaints due to noise and the cost of the parts is quite expensive (when you can find them).

That's why having Hyundai i30 car insurance eliminates half of the car's disadvantages and lets you enjoy the car's advantages. What are you waiting for to hire yours?

What's better for your car's security: tracker or insurance? Find it out!


i30 insurance: protect your car and drive much more

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i30 insurance: protect your car and drive much more


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