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Top 7 Ways to Save on Your Car Insurance Premium
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Saving on car insurance premiums can be easy as long as you know what insurers consider when setting prices. See how to do this without having to invest a lot of time, just paying attention to details.

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Vehicle maintenance costs are high as they include mechanical services, fuel, tires and others, so you need to find ways to save on your car insurance premium.


There are several factors that influence the price of car insurance and when some care is taken it is possible to obtain an affordable price.

This does not mean that you will manipulate your car's protection, but think before taking out insurance, choosing options that can help reduce the amount paid.

Here are 13 top ways to save on your car insurance premium

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Learn how to save on car insurance premiums

If you don't want your main vehicle expense to be insurance, check out these tips to get the best prices.


1 – Do not claim insurance for minor repairs

Over time, you accumulate bonuses for the years that you do not activate the insurance. In cases of minor damage such as scratches or light bumps, it is more worthwhile paying for the repair than asking the insurance company.

By doing this, it is possible to continue accumulating bonuses that will give you discounts in the future and the amount paid may be lower than the deductible, saving even more.

2 – Choose the right coverage

The choice of coverage significantly affects the price of insurance, so be sure to choose only what you need.

If you are purchasing additional coverage, consider your needs and make a list of priorities before deciding.


3 – Have an anti-theft device

Having anti-theft systems can cause the insurance value to drop between 3% and 7%. An alarm that goes off, a fuel cut-off system and others prevent the vehicle from being stolen.

Tracking systems increase the chances of recovering stolen cars and can also help you save on car insurance premiums.

4 – Be faithful to your insurance company

Many insurance companies have the benefit of granting discounts to old customers or those who have more than one policy.

If you are renewing your insurance, choose your current insurer, as long as the price is worth it.


If you have life, home and other insurance and do it all with the same company, there is a great chance of getting discounts on all of them.

5 – Be a good driver

Driving history has always counted when setting the insurance premium, good drivers pay less for having a good driving record.

Currently, some insurance companies are using technology to evaluate drivers, installing equipment in vehicles and monitoring drivability. Those who respect driving rules receive discounts when they renew their insurance.

6 – Select your car

The price of the vehicle influences when it comes to saving on car insurance premiums, but this is not the only factor.


Evaluate the theft rate, the more targeted the model, the higher the price paid for insurance tends to be. Choose a car with a more affordable market price that is less likely to be targeted by criminals.

7 – Get several quotes

Don't let laziness sell you when researching the price of insurance. Quote from different insurance companies and have as much information as possible. It may seem silly, but the amount that can be saved can be huge.

8 – Renew insurance on time

Taking too long to renew your insurance or waiting for the policy to expire will put you at risk of losing your bonuses.

Pay attention to the dates and ask your broker to inform you of the renewal date, this way, you will keep the bonuses and get good discounts.


9 – Pay in the most advantageous way

The payment method can save you money, normally when the total amount is paid in cash you get a good discount.

In other situations, insurance companies allow you to pay in a few interest-free installments. Evaluate the possibilities and see which ones won’t make you pay extra charges.

10 – Choose your franchise

This can be a dangerous choice when made only with values ​​in mind. Anyone who uses their car little or has little chance of being involved in an accident, it is worth choosing an increased deductible.

This way you can save on car insurance premiums, however, if you need to claim the insurance you will have a much higher deductible to pay.


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11 – Park in a garage

Leaving your car parked on the street increases the chances of it suffering an accident. Choose to leave it in the garage both at home and at work if you want to save money.

The type of gate in your home also influences, so invest in an electronic gate for more security, convenience and discounts.

12 – Avoid working with the car

If the car is used for work, be prepared to see a large price increase in the premium amount.

If possible, choose other ways of getting around, this will save on insurance and fuel.


13 – Do not make modifications to the car

Modifying the car with lowerings and others may please some people aesthetically, however, it increases the insurance value.

Depending on the intervention that was carried out, another problem arises: insurers refuse to offer protection for the vehicle.

These tips can help you save on car insurance premiums and with the remaining amount you can have fun or invest in other things.

After knowing how to save on car insurance premiums, how about getting a quote and finding the best price to protect your car?


Top 7 Ways to Save on Your Car Insurance Premium

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Top 7 Ways to Save on Your Car Insurance Premium


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Top 7 Ways to Save on Your Car Insurance Premium

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