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How do I work with Uber?
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If you are looking for information about working with Uber. Follow this article and find out what to do to drive with Uber, what your rights and obligations are, and much more.

Technology brings us countless possibilities, including professionals. Proof of this is the number of people looking to work with Uber. A ride-sharing app that has completely changed the reality of urban mobility in Brazil.


In Brazil since 2014, Uber is a technology company that works through an E-hailing application, which is nothing more than a digital platform where it is possible to request a taxi, a car or any other means of transport. A technology that completely changed the reality of many Brazilians, both users and those who provide services. And, if you want to know more about working with Uber, keep reading this article.

How to work with Uber?

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What are the requirements to work with Uber?

Of course, the first requirement to work with Uber is to have a driver's license and a car at your disposal, it is also mandatory that candidates to drive Uber be 21 years old or over. In addition to these, there are some more Uber requirements to become a partner, see what they are:

  • The driver's driver's license must be in order, valid and have authorization to drive professionally;
  • The candidate cannot have a criminal record;
  • He must pass a psychological test;
  • The future driver cannot have any open process;
  • In addition to being manufactured from 2008 onwards, the vehicle must meet the minimum requirements set out on the Uber website, which are:
    • Air conditioning,
    • 4 doors,
    • Capacity for five people;
  • The vehicle must have auto insurance;
  • And finally, the driver needs to have a Smartphone.

It is worth remembering that driver's licenses classified as PPD – Permission to Drive, are not accepted by the company. In other words, the minimum time required for an Uber driver's license to be accepted is 1 year, when the driver already has a permanent license.

How do I drive Uber?

If you meet the minimum requirements shown above to work with Uber. The first thing you should do is access the company's website and register. After registering, you will need to send a photo of the candidate's driver's license, a photo that clearly shows the note “EAR – Exercer Atividade Remunerada”.


If the candidate does not have this observation in their portfolio, they must request its inclusion with the Detran in their State. For this change to your license to be carried out, you will need to undergo a psychotechnical examination. In addition to paying some fees related to changing your driver's license and the exam, which vary according to each state.

To work with Uber, you must also send the company a criminal record certificate. The information and images of the documents sent during registration will be subjected to a veracity analysis that will take a few days.

After this analysis, the candidate must be approved or not, if so, the candidate will then need to send a photo of the CRLV – Vehicle Registration and Licensing Certificate.

What are the cars for Uber?

The minimum requirements to drive Uber are that the vehicle must be manufactured from 2008 onwards, have 4 doors and have air conditioning. However, these Uber requirements are only for cars in the UberX category, which is the simplest.


How to work with Uber?

How to work with Uber?

If the intention is to participate in one of Uber's other categories, the candidate must be aware of some specific requirements. See below what Uber requirements are for each of them:

  1. UberX – Popular

This is the simplest category, classified as popular and with the most affordable prices. To participate in the UberX category, you just need to meet the basic requirements already shown above. It is worth mentioning that, if the candidate is from the city of São Paulo, the vehicle must have been manufactured since 2010, in accordance with municipal legislation.

  1. UberSELECT – Popular

Still within the popular classification, there is UberSELECT, a category of more comfortable vehicles. The only difference between this category and the previous one is that the vehicle's manufacturing deadline is 2012. In UberSELECT, rides are on average 20% more expensive.

  1. UberBLACK – Premium

In the UberBLACK category, classified as premium, in addition to common specifications, vehicles must have leather seats and be black, in addition to only accepting models sedans and SUV.

  1. Popular subcategories with the most space

There are also three subcategories classified as popular that have more spaces, these are:

  • UberBAG – Popular with larger trunk
  • Bike Rack – Popular with space for bicycle
  • BlackBAG – Popular with more comfort and a larger trunk

Uber earnings possibility and percentage

Now that you know the requirements required for cars for Uber, it's worth knowing a little more about values. Working with Uber means making your own schedule, meaning you can work whenever you want, for as long as you think is necessary.

Therefore, your income will be proportional to your number of hours worked, if you work more, you will earn more. On average, there are drivers who earn R$2,000 per week.

The company makes weekly payments, depositing the driver's income into the bank account registered on the website. The deposit is made with the Uber percentage already discounted, this is 25% for cars in the UberX category and 20% for vehicles in the UberBLACK category.

Is it mandatory to have car insurance?

Yes. In addition to the requirements already shown, the driver must have at least APP insurance – Passenger Personal Accidents, worth a minimum of R$50,000. This coverage guarantees compensation to passengers if an accident occurs during a trip.


Compensation paid may be related to material, physical or moral damages. And, this insurance is mandatory for all Uber categories.

In addition to the mandatory APP coverage, it is worth having comprehensive insurance coverage. This way, you can also guarantee your protection and the safety of your vehicle.

Rights and duties to work with Uber

Just like any company, Uber also has a list of rules that must be followed carefully. If these rules are not followed, the driver may have their profile on the application deactivated, thus losing the right to continue working with the company.

In addition to having a good average score and keeping the vehicle always clean and in good condition, the driver must be aware of some rules that can lead to deactivation, these are:

  • Go online on the app, without being able to accept trips;
  • Have a fake or duplicate profile;
  • Trying to manipulate your own account or travel;
  • Carry firearms;
  • Suggest good reviews to passengers;
  • Promote moral or sexual harassment;
  • Act in a violent or discriminatory manner;
  • Attempt to obtain non-consensual physical contact;
  • Between others.

Advantages and disadvantages of working with Uber

As with any job, there are advantages and disadvantages to driving Uber, the main ones for each of them are:

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  • There is no boss, you can make your own schedule;
  • You work with your own car;
  • You can have a high profit rate, depending only on your commitment;
  • You can drive in several regions;
  • You won't have to wait for bureaucratic processes.


  • Despite its growth in recent times, Uber still does not reach all cities in the country;
  • Lack of policies that protect service providers of this class;
  • Conflicts with taxi drivers, who, despite being minors, are still present;
  • Constant glitches in the app's GPS.

Tips for those who want to work with Uber

If after reading this article, and evaluating the pros and cons of driving Uber, you are still interested in working with the company. There are some tips so that you can make good profits, and receive good scores, which can increase your racing possibilities, these are:

  • Keep your car always clean and tidy;
  • Be polite and cordial with passengers;
  • Understand the customer, some like to talk, others don't;
  • Don't mix your personal problems with your professional life;
  • Ask if the passenger has a preferred route to reach their destination;
  • Do not handle your cell phone during races;
  • Try to stop as close to the customer's destination as possible.

These are simple tips that can considerably change your assessment made by customers on the app, always at the end of their trips. Remember, very low ratings can lead to your profile being suspended on the app.

We hope that your questions about driving Uber, necessary requirements and more have been clarified. If there are still unresolved questions regarding this subject, please ask us a question. And don't forget, having car insurance is essential in this professional segment.

*This text is editorial content and does not guarantee the sale of this product on this website.

How do I work with Uber?

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How do I work with Uber?



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How do I work with Uber?

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