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How scooter insurance works | motorcycle insurance
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Considered one of the oldest models, it is essential that scooter insurance is taken out, to keep the asset preserved, in case of any unforeseen event.

Due to the ease of moving more freely through the streets, many people end up forgetting to purchase scooter insurance to better protect their means of transport.


Even though it is not a transport with high rates of robbery or theft, it is better to prevent it, before something worse can happen.

Therefore, if you own a motorcycle of this model, know that insurance offers numerous forms of protection, so that your property does not suffer irreversible damage.

Third party truck insurance

Furthermore, many examples are unique, not because of their value or rarity, but because they are family heirlooms or have some sentimental value.

As the value of a scooter is not that high, compared to other motorcycle models, the insurance ends up being a small portion, depending on what coverage is taken out.


There is no way to stipulate values, as there are several insurers and coverages available. The best thing to do on these occasions is to contact a specialized company and get a quote.

Due to the pandemic, this step may be carried out virtually, if the insurance company offers such convenience to its customers, just look for more information.

How scooter insurance works

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What are the coverages for scooter insurance?

As it is a two-wheeled means of transport, this type of motorcycle is one of the favorites of Brazilians, especially in locations where there is an intense movement of cars.


Large cities such as Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo have a higher incidence of robberies and theft, meaning that the best form of protection is to take out insurance.

Protection against theft and theft

This is the most common way in which motorcyclists lose their scooters, whether in large cities or those with a relatively small population.

It is worth noting that this possibility can occur anywhere in the world, therefore, take out insurance, even if it offers more basic protections.

Scooter insurance against robbery and theft has a very affordable price on the market today, both due to the low cost of transportation and the situation we are going through.


For those who spent the year complying with the rules imposed by governments regarding the pandemic caused by the Coronavirus, they are in even more danger when leaving home with this return to activities.

Now, drivers will encounter roads with more potholes and some that are almost inaccessible for some transport.

This type of protection is recommended mainly for those workers who need to drive through deserted streets, making them more susceptible to the actions of thieves.

Comprehensive protection

Some insurers specializing in scooters offer simpler coverage, just against theft and theft, as well as more comprehensive and complex situations.


By purchasing comprehensive insurance, the motorcycle owner has greater coverage, covering events that go beyond just a few actions.

For example, in cases of vandalism, the insurance company will pay half of the value for which the damage was stipulated, with the other part being the responsibility of the owner.

This protection may also cover actions against damage and even the total loss of the scooter. Comprehensive insurance can be purchased for a higher amount than that against robbery and theft.

This protection allows the individual to have at their disposal a list of included coverages to enjoy while paying.


Coverages can be listed as: collision, hail, hurricane, floods, natural disasters, rollover, heavy objects and vandalism.

In other words, this type of insurance is the most complete on the market today, as it provides solutions for different situations.

Why take out scooter insurance?

Maintaining your motorcycle with insurance, whether basic or more complete, is essential these days. After all, we live in a country where the number of robberies and thefts is increasing every day.

The contracting of any plan must be done thinking about the journey taken on a daily basis, in order to avoid any inconveniences that may arise.


Quote the price of your Auto Insurance now!

A best quotewith best brokersby the best prices.


Even if theft or vandalism occurs, the owner should only contact the insurance company and inform them of what happened. These companies are responsible for the procedure following these actions.

Therefore, the contract must be planned considering the most diverse situations, even hypothetical ones, but which are not so far from those mentioned above, as scooter insurance will only be responsible for them.

How scooter insurance works | motorcycle insurance

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How scooter insurance works | motorcycle insurance



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How scooter insurance works | motorcycle insurance

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