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Fiat X1H car insurance | Auto Insurance
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As the Fiat Betim factory turns 40, it will celebrate its festivities with the launch of a model in 2016 so far called the X1H. It has not yet been released and its commercial name is under secrecy, but it is already being tested on the streets of Belo Horizonte, which raises even more suspicion regarding it.

It is expected to be sold in the first half of 2016 and should arrive with the mission of replacing the classic Fiat Palio, which is currently one of the best-selling cars in the country. Although the price has not yet been defined, it is estimated at around 30 thousand reais.


It is being built on a hybrid front platform, the same one used for the Uno, Palio and Grand Siena, while the rear part is all new and has been reinforced to better withstand impact tests. Although the front resembles the Uno, its headlights will be strict and extend to the sides. The hood will have creases that go all the way to the grilles.

At the back it will be possible to find round taillights, a glass rear lid, a trunk with a short door and vertical use. The engine will be the 1.0 Evo flex which has capacity for up to 75 hp, however there is a 3-cylinder GSE engine planned for 2017.

To make better use of the internal space, Fiat invests in the verticalization of the vehicles, which means more space for the legs. Furthermore, the taller the car is, the more compact it will be, which makes parking easier.

It can still bring many surprises for a car with a 1.0 engine, because there is speculation about air conditioning, power steering and a multimedia center. Now we need to wait for more information about him to be released.

Fiat X1H car insurance

Image: Fiat

Find out the average price of Fiat X1H insurance

The car seems to be very interesting and is already attracting the attention of many people, but much of it is still speculation. Therefore, you will have to wait until it is officially released so that you can find out everything it has to offer.

From the moment this occurs, its value must also be stipulated, which will be used as a basis for preparing the insurance premium. In addition, the characteristics of the driver, place of residence and other factors that are used in the insurance price formation.

Only from then on will it be possible to estimate the price of insurance, but for the most anxious it is worth remembering that this value is usually up to 10% of the vehicle's value.


Therefore, anyone who wants to own a Fiat X1H and would like to know how much they will pay for insurance needs to wait a little longer until it goes on sale. After that, it will be very simple to make a quote, because it can be done online, simply filling out a form and receiving all the information by email.

Fiat X1H car insurance | Auto Insurance

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Fiat X1H car insurance | Auto Insurance


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Fiat X1H car insurance | Auto Insurance

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