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8 reasons to take out motorcycle insurance
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Do you own a motorcycle and don't have insurance for it yet? See below 8 reasons to take out motorcycle insurance and not have any problems in the future!

Master Insurance: transport safely!

There are many reasons why a person chooses to use a motorcycle as a means of transport.


Among them, the ease of movement and parking, fuel economy, speed in traffic, not to mention the feeling of freedom that this vehicle promotes to those who pilot it.

However, most of these people, who choose to buy a motorcycle, are unaware of the reasons why taking out motorcycle insurance is necessary.

Therefore, we prepared this article with 8 reasons to take out motorcycle insurance, follow and understand each of them better.

6 reasons to take out motorcycle insurance

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See the 8 reasons to take out motorcycle insurance

Discover the main reasons to take out motorcycle insurance:

1 – Theft rate

In 2018 alone, in the city of São Paulo, 35,720 motorcycle thefts were recorded.

Therefore, in addition to investing in a defensive driving course, it is worth taking out motorcycle insurance.

Be it simpler, luxury or customized.


2 – Greater severity of accidents

Accidents involving motorcycles are invariably much more dangerous than those caused by cars.

Taking out motorcycle insurance, in addition to guaranteeing repairs or compensation in the event of total loss of the vehicle, can also guarantee situations such as: repairs to third-party vehicles, coverage of hospital expenses and several other benefits.

3 – 24-hour assistance

Just like cars, motorcycles also suffer from mechanical problems, electrical breakdowns or even dry breakdowns.

If you need help in one of these situations, when taking out motorcycle insurance, you can count on 24-hour assistance to resolve these problems.


In addition to being able to use services, such as a locksmith and tow truck in cases where the motorcycle is unable to move.

4 – Disability compensation

A large number of insurance companies offer compensation for accidents that result in total or partial disability.

And in cases of accidental death, they also offer financial compensation to the victim's family.

5 – National coverage

Once you take out motorcycle insurance, your safety will be guaranteed throughout the country, regardless of whether you are using your motorcycle or not.


6 – Protection against third parties

If you end up in an accident and damage someone else's vehicle, you won't need to dip your toes into your pocket to pay for the repair.

Having coverage against third parties will protect you in this situation.

7- Protection for items and accessories

Due to small carelessness, it is possible to break mirrors, flashlights and other low-cost items, but when added together they can generate a large expense.

By counting on protection for them, this will be more carefree.


8 – Less bureaucracy in hiring

Taking out motorcycle insurance is much less bureaucratic than taking out a similar service for cars.

This is because there are some insurance companies that do not require a profile analysis, nor do they require fixed residence or even proof of income.

What is the average value of motorcycle insurance?

Of course, the value of the motorcycle insurance policy will vary depending on the company contacted.

However, we did some research on average Brazilian prices when it comes to taking out motorcycle insurance for some models, follow along:


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motorcycle model Year Average insurance value
CG 160 2019 R$ 1,300.00
YBR 150 2019 R$ 1,000.00
CB 250 2018 R$ 1,200.00
YBR 125 2018 R$ 900.00
DO 250 2017 R$ 1,500.00
YS 150 2017 R$ 1,100.00

Source: MeuSeguroNovo/ Research carried out in November/2019.

In addition to motorcycle insurance, is it possible to have any other type of protection?

The motorcycle tracker can guarantee a little more security by allowing you to know where the motorcycle is and making it easier to locate in the event of robbery or theft.

It can be contracted separately or together with the insurance, in this case there is another advantage, because the tracker reduces the chances of not locating the motorcycle in the event of theft or theft.

With the greater chances of it being found, insurers tend to reduce the price of insurance for those who rely on this type of service.


How can I reduce the cost of motorcycle insurance?

Just like with car insurance, there are some actions that, when taken, can cause motorcycle insurance to decrease significantly, these are:

  • Change the habit of parking your motorcycle on the street by placing it in a parking lot;
  • Choose motorcycle insurance that does not include profile analysis;
  • Installation of vehicle tracking equipment;
  • Carefully evaluate your insurance coverage needs.

What should you pay attention to before taking out motorcycle insurance?

Before signing up for insurance, make sure this is the type of product you are purchasing. There are some protections offered that are not regulated by SUSEP and may cause difficulty in paying the compensation.

Compare the value of the motorcycle with that of the insurance, the latter should not be so high as to come close to the value of the vehicle.

It is necessary to check the average market price in advance to know if it is not abusive.

Understand well what is being contracted, analyze what the coverage is, how the franchise works and everything else that is being offered.


This way, when you need to use the insurance, you won't have any unpleasant surprises.

These are just some tips on how to take out cheaper motorcycle insurance. If you want to know more about the subject, it's worth looking for an insurance broker and asking any questions you may have. is not responsible for the values ​​mentioned here, as the price of insurance may vary depending on the profile of each driver.


8 reasons to take out motorcycle insurance

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8 reasons to take out motorcycle insurance


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8 reasons to take out motorcycle insurance


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