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Auto insurance against theft and theft
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Do you want to know why it is important to have car insurance against robbery and theft? See the answers here in this article and protect your assets against this unforeseen event that is increasingly recurring.

The dream of owning a car can turn into a nightmare when we are victims of acts of violence, such as vehicle theft and theft.


In these cases, insurance that covers theft and theft is the solution to alleviate headaches and increase the chances of recovering the vehicle.

Renault car insurance average price

But the consumer, always aware of the best options for their needs, has the option of scrutinizing the market carefully, to check which insurance is the most viable option, in addition to wanting to be informed about what is necessary for them to formalize with the insurer of your choice an automobile policy against theft and theft.

Therefore, we carried out in-depth research on the subject to help the reader draw conclusions about this type of car insurance against robbery and theft, and thus guarantee the integrity of your vehicle for use every day.

Auto insurance against theft and theft

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Auto insurance against theft and theft

Take the opportunity to learn more about partial theft insurance and protect your vehicle. 😉


Many insurance companies work with a profile analysis, which is nothing more than a type of identification of the type of client who wants to take out insurance.

And this is how you get discounts or increases in insurance, as everything can influence the analysis of the driver's profile, from their age to gender, mileage driven per year, which people use the vehicle and places where they usually park the car, among other factors.

People with less risky situations, in the insurer's view, pay less for insurance.



The car also greatly influences the value of car insurance.

From the year of the model to the incidence of theft and theft of the model, everything can fluctuate in the final value of the policy.

This is because, in the event of a total loss, the company normally compensates the insured with 100% of the value of the car according to the Fipe Table.

In other words, it is the value of the car that determines the insurer’s “loss”.


How car insurance against theft and theft works

One of the insurer's most recent strategies to reduce the value of robbery and theft insurance is to offer less protection to the insured.

In the case of theft and robbery – two of the most common occurrences –, protection guarantees the driver assistance only in the case of theft (which, for them, means the situation in which the insured is taken away from his asset – the car – while the same is in your sight) or theft (similar situation, but in which the owner is not present at the time of the occurrence).

Partial insurance against theft and theft

Car insurance against robbery and theft guarantees some daily peace of mind for the driver, who can travel without fear of losing their property forever, should any of the aforementioned occurrences occur, but it is always recommended to look for robbery and theft insurance that covers all the driver needs, and not just the most basic ones, as shown on the Idec website.

It protects against robbery and theft and is an alternative for those who want to save on insurance costs.


It does not cover accidents such as collisions, only both types of claims.

This option is worth it for those drivers who are not at high risk of having accidents.

However, it is still possible to find different advantages with different insurance companies, which is why it is important to research more than one company.

For example, even if the insurance is only for theft and theft, some offer 24-hour assistance for emergency mechanical services such as towing and various repairs.


Because they are cheaper, these insurance policies usually offer a limited number of actions.

But still, this amount usually meets the needs of general drivers well.

Spare car coverage

Even those who choose partial insurance as a cheaper alternative should think about including backup car coverage.

This is because, until the entire process is completed, the driver can use the insurance company's car, and not suddenly be left stranded.


Quote the price of your Auto Insurance now!

A best quotewith best brokersby the best prices.


This is an example of a worthwhile add-on.

How about some tips for choosing a vehicle with a lower chance of theft?

What do I do if I need to claim robbery and theft insurance?

If you need to claim robbery and theft insurance, follow these recommendations.

But remember that here are tips on how to proceed in general, so always pay attention to your insurance company's rules.


Notify the insurance company

The first step is to call 190 and file a police report (Occurrence Report), recording the theft/robbery.

You will then have to contact your insurance company in case of an accident.

After all, you have robbery and theft insurance, right?

Each insurer has a policy for this case, and when purchasing insurance it is important to ask for details on how to react to this situation.


The insurance company will ask for the BO, so it is important that you register it as soon as the theft or theft occurs as this document is one of the most important for requesting compensation and continuing with the process.


Upon receiving your BO, the insurance company will send your file for analysis.

A specialized team will check your policy and all the coverage included in your contract.

In the case of partial insurance, it is important that the driver knows the coverage for damage caused by theft if the car is located.


Vehicle located

If your vehicle is recovered, inform your insurance company immediately.

She will guide you through the other procedures, whether or not the vehicle breaks down, including towing.

The deadline to find the car is 30 days, if this period passes, it is considered a total loss.

However, if the car is found, the condition of the vehicle will need to be assessed.


If the damage exceeds 75% of the total value of the car, it is also grounds for total loss.

But if the value was lower, the car is sent for repairs, and payment will depend on insurance coverage.

Protect your property against robbery and theft by following our tips.

Vehicle not located

If the vehicle is not located, you must wait for contact from the insurance company.


She will guide you through the documents necessary for you to receive compensation.

After presenting all the documentation requested by the insurance company, the company has 30 days to pay the compensation.

Insurance against robberies and theft is essential in a scenario with as much violence as the one we are currently experiencing.

Therefore, even if it is through partial insurance, this coverage is almost essential.


Therefore, avoid worries and drive more calmly in your car.

Get a quote right now and purchase your insurance against robbery and theft.

IPVA refund

Another point that few people know is that if the IPVA of the stolen vehicle has already been paid, and the vehicle is not found, it is possible to request a refund.

Some insurance companies offer this assistance to their customers.


Or, the owner can make the request at Detran or the Treasury Department of his state.

Auto insurance against theft and theft

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Auto insurance against theft and theft


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Auto insurance against theft and theft

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