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How to find cheap insurance? |
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Finding cheap insurance can be easier than it seems. When hiring, the client simply needs to have some basic knowledge about this type of service. See in this article how the price is calculated and how the car model can affect the value, as well as how to save on your car insurance.

To have cheap insurance, it is good to understand that the pricing of car insurance takes into account a series of statistics such as the characteristics of the driver, his driving history, the place where he lives, accident rates of the car in itself, in addition to types of vehicles, timetables It is locations where they usually travel and many other variables.


Each insurer uses a set of information to carry out its analysis, there are no rules for calculating the value of the vehicle, but a standard that analyzes this data. That's why you may find some insurance companies cheaper than others.

5 precautions when choosing your insurance broker

Furthermore, if you take out car insurance with a bad name, you run the risk of having a more expensive plan.

This is because some insurance companies end up considering your contract as a risk and in order not to be at a loss, if you do not pay for the services, they “embed” an extra fee.

Pay attention and analyze each amount you are paying.


Another important point is to research the best plan, with prices and coverage, among the best car insurance for 2019. This way, you can choose between one of the most renowned insurance companies and avoid headaches in the future.

There is also the possibility of a different plan.

For example, you can count on monthly car insurance, offered by some insurance companies.

It is more affordable than many plans, but you need to see if it meets your needs.

How to find cheap insurance?

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Which cars have cheap insurance?

The answer is simple: those who represent less risk of “needing insurance”, or less risk of loss.

For example, cars with low-power engines and basic models indicate to insurers that the vehicle will be used for transportation.

A low-displacement engine presents less risk than a more powerful one and with sporty appeals that have a greater risk.


Very relevant information is the fact that some vehicles are stolen more than others.

See a survey we carried out on the 10 cars with cheapest insurance.

The models that sell the most tend to attract more thieves who often “dismantle” the cars to sell the parts.

Fast cars are targets for thieves who use the vehicle to commit crimes.


To find out which cars are most targeted by criminals and probably have the highest insurance, you can consult a list of them.

Susep usually lists the most stolen cars by region, although this rate is not fixed.

But this way it is possible to have a good idea and avoid some models.

Watch the video below and understand how the insurance value is calculated 😉


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Other relevant information for insurers to define the value of the insurance is personal information such as the driver's gender and age, whether or not they are married, whether they have children who have recently gotten their license, the place where they live, where they park the car, because it is also a fact that in some regions there are more thefts and vehicle thefts than in others in the same city.

To give an example: if the main driver is young, male, single and with little driving experience, insurance will be more expensive.

If you are a woman, with more experience, married, with young children and anything else that indicates greater responsibility, the insurance will be cheaper.


Quote the price of your Auto Insurance now!

A best quotewith best brokersby the best prices.


Off-road vehicles are more expensive to insure, as they will be exposed to greater risks than a vehicle that is only used for commuting from home to work.

Imported cars, as they have higher maintenance costs, also suffer from higher insurance costs. If it is imported and old, the insurance will be even higher.

Find out more about auto insurance for luxury cars by clicking here!

Modified cars can also have a very high value and this includes more complex modifications such as armoring a vehicle or lowering it and also simpler ones such as changing the headlights.


This is due to the fact that not only are the parts more expensive, but also because labor in this case is more scarce, which makes the service more expensive.

The reasonable price of cheap insurance is between 3% and 4% of the value of the car, insurance that costs 10% of the value of a car can be considered “very expensive”.

Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to all the items that can influence the value of the vehicle and also carry out a search for values ​​with different insurance companies in order to get the best prices.

Of course, this varies a lot.


For example, the average price of HB20 car insurance is 1800, but it can reach up to R$2700, depending on the insured's profile and version/year of the car.

It's good to check out some examples to understand better.

How to recognize the cheapest car insurance?

Knowing how insurance pricing is done makes it much easier to know whether it is following the standard or is very different from the average.

Even choosing the cheapest car insurance, it can still weigh on your budget if some care is not taken.


When choosing insurance, quoting from several insurers is always the best option.

Even if one of them has a reputation for being cheaper, the price may be higher for the model in question than its competitors.

Furthermore, it is worth researching which insurers offer partial theft insurance, which is a more affordable plan.

There are companies that also offer special insurance for popular cars, with a maximum value determined by the company, and which promises to have a lower value.

Therefore, getting a quote from several companies and comparing not only the values, but also the coverage that each one offers, will help you know whether the price charged is really fair.


Here are some more actions that drivers can adopt to get cheaper insurance:

Install safety equipment

Security equipment such as alarm, electric lock, blocker and vehicle tracker, in addition to inhibiting the actions of criminals, also increase the chances that the car will be recovered, reducing the chance of the insurance company incurring losses.

This reduction in risk can reduce the insurance value by up to 10%.

Maintain a good track record

This is another point that is also linked to the insurer's risk.


The fewer insurance claims the customer has, the cheaper the service will be for them.

Some companies even reward their most careful customers.

In some cases, traffic violations are also included in this account.

The driver's good behavior, in some situations, can still be taken advantage of by other insurance companies, if the customer wishes to change companies.


Car in the garage means cheaper insurance

The less the car is used, the cheaper the insurance will be.

This is because, at the time of contracting, the customer answers how many times he uses the car, and the greater the number of times, the greater the value.

But what few people know is that whether or not you have a garage at home to store your car affects the value of your insurance.

Those who usually leave their car on the street pay more expensive insurance than those who leave their car in the yard.


This happens because the chances of a car that is on the street being stolen at night are much greater than those of a car that is properly stored.

Pay attention to cost-benefit

The famous saying “cheap is expensive” also applies to insurance.

In this type of service, it is important that, in addition to looking at the price, the customer, when researching, also sees the coverage and assistance included in the package.

This is because there can be huge variations from one company to another, and what in some is basic, in others can be a much more expensive addition.


Therefore, when researching insurance, the customer must also keep in mind what is essential, and therefore, compare prices between similar coverages.

After all, no one wants to discover that the insurance does not cover a certain situation only when the unexpected happens.

Now that you know this tip, start researching and analyze all your options before taking out car insurance.

There are several options for cheap car insurance.


To buy car insurance, the internet is already an option.

Some websites function as online brokers where it is possible to compare prices and take out policies with the best cost-benefit.

Comparison and practicality are the main advantages.

See tips for saving when getting your insurance quote online 😉


By filling out the form with the characteristics of the vehicle and the owner's profile just once, some websites provide quotes from different insurance companies and present the best quote in real time.

The more comparisons the better, as the price of insurance can vary greatly.

This variation reflects the risk policies of each insurer.

This way, without leaving home, you can receive several quotes so you can compare and thus guarantee full protection for your car at a much more affordable price and cheap insurance.


This same rule is valid for insurance renewal cases, after all, research is still the best way to save money.


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How to find cheap insurance? |

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How to find cheap insurance? |


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How to find cheap insurance? |


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