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Motorcycle insurance |
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Wanting to understand better How does motorcycle insurance work? In this article you can find out more about this service, see who it is suitable for, what advantages it offers and much more, follow along.

Motorcycles are a vehicle widely known for being easier to buy due to their low cost, being more agile in everyday life and economical.


If you are a person who needs to move around a lot and don't usually take other people with you, this type of vehicle could be the ideal choice.

Is insurance obligated to use original parts?

However, just like any vehicle that travels through cities and roads today, they also need to have good protection.

Therefore, if you have a motorcycle or are thinking about buying one, know that taking out motorcycle insurance will be essential.

To help with this task, we have prepared this article with all the most important information on this subject, from what motorcycle insurance is and its coverage, to how it works, what its advantages are and how to find out the price of this service.

Motorcycle insurance

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How important is it to have motorcycle insurance?

Despite being more economical, agile and easy to park vehicles, motorcycles are more vulnerable to theft and accidents due to their structure.

That's why it's so important to have good motorcycle insurance protection.

To get an idea of ​​this importance, according to a study carried out in the State of São Paulo, in 2018 alone, around 35,720 motorcycles were stolen or stolen.


This number gives an average of four motorcycles being stolen per hour.

The rates related to traffic accidents with these vehicles are also frightening.

A report carried out by the São Paulo State Secretariat in May this year showed that around 80% of hospital and emergency admissions are caused by traffic accidents involving motorcycles.

In other words, although we are talking about an economical vehicle and capable of being more agile in traffic, we are also talking about a vehicle that is more susceptible to accidents and theft.


How motorcycle insurance works

This type of service basically works like common car insurance, the driver needs to choose a company that promotes protection, choose the most interesting coverage for their profile and sign a policy.

Generally, motorcycle insurance can only include protection against theft and theft as well as other coverage, such as collisions.

In addition, most insurers also offer coverage known as 24-hour Assistance, a series of services are available.

Your policy is usually valid for 12 months and this service can be purchased for any motorcycle model.


Who is motorcycle insurance recommended for?

For anyone who owns a motorcycle and wants to protect it against accidents.

With it, motorcyclists can count on coverage against theft, theft, collision, fire and much more, depending on the profile and needs of each one.

This is a service intended for those who don't want to have a headache if they need help.

Therefore, we are talking about a product aimed at conscious consumers who want to achieve a better quality of life.


Advantages of motorcycle insurance

Motorcycle insurance has several advantages such as:

  • Taking out motorcycle insurance can be done online;
  • Can be combined with trackers causing its value to drop;
  • It has an affordable cost;
  • You can choose between different coverage options;
  • It ensures that financial losses are minimized in the event of any occurrence.

Companies that have motorcycle insurance

Most insurers that work with car insurance also have motorcycle insurance.

Among them it is possible to highlight some services such as:

  • Honda motorcycle insurance;
  • Porto Seguro motorcycle insurance;
  • Mapfre motorcycle insurance;
  • Itaú motorcycle insurance;
  • Motorcycle insurance from BB Seguros;
  • Allianz motorcycle insurance;
  • Suhai Seguradora motorcycle insurance;
  • And much more.

As you can see, there are many companies that offer this type of service, so it is important to get as many quotes as possible, only then will you be sure that you are choosing the best insurance company and coverage for your profile.

Quote the price of your Auto Insurance now!


A best quotewith best brokersby the best prices.

Benefits that insurance companies offer

According to insurance companies, the benefits commonly offered by them are:

  • Complete coverage;
  • 24-hour assistance;
  • Damage to third parties;
  • Discounts on workshops;
  • Discount on franchise;
  • Reimbursement for accessory expenses such as gloves, helmet, boots and others.

What is the average price of motorcycle insurance?

In general, the price of motorcycle insurance is much lower than car insurance, but of course this will vary according to the motorcycle model.

Therefore, to find out how much the service would be in your case, you need to request a quote.


You can quote easily, quickly and safely here at

Just fill out a short form and wait for a broker registered with Susep to contact you by email.

Here you have the advantages of quoting online and receiving plans from different insurance companies to compare the services of each of them.

How to get cheap motorcycle insurance

To be able to take out cheap motorcycle insurance, the ideal is to research several insurers, as there can be a wide variation in prices.


Furthermore, being a driver with a good record, that is, without records of claims, accidents or fines, is important.

Another way to get cheap motorcycle insurance is to adopt security measures such as alarms, trackers and even always opt for secure, closed parking lots.

If you want to compare the services offered by insurance companies and the price of each one, count on

Here you receive plans from the best insurance companies and can compare what each one offers and how much they charge.


How to take out motorcycle insurance

To take out motorcycle insurance, you must first request a quote, which can be done online with or without the help of a broker.

After receiving the various proposals, simply choose the one that interests you most and purchase the insurance service.

To make it easier and not have to go to each company, you can hire with the help of our website.

Just quote and wait for an insurance broker to respond.


Motorcycle insurance |

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Motorcycle insurance |


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Motorcycle insurance |

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