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emotions – discover that managing your emotions is actually taming your emotions. So to talk to you about your emotions, Love Intelligence presents a book that we particularly appreciate, How to tame your crocodile? , which guides the reader step by step in a better knowledge of himself through the understanding of his “crocodile”. 

But what is our crocodile? Well, it’s our reptilian brain, the one that tells all of us what to do when we feel threatened. The enlightening subtitle “Listen to the hidden message of your emotions to progress on the path to well-being”announces a work on oneself to be carried out and a dynamic to learn to live better with his “crocodile” and to free himself from his emotions to finally become “the author-actor of his life”.

How to manage your emotions?

Do not remain a spectator of your life anymore!

Homeopath and psychotherapist, Catherine Aimelet-Périssol leads personal development workshops on the role and the proper use of emotions. She is notably the author of Comment tame son crocodile (Pocket, 2002) and Quand les crocodiles s’emmêlent (2005). She also runs the website (manage your emotions)

How to manage your emotions?


The first necessary step in one’s personal development is self-understanding, as Catherine Aimelet-Périssol explains to us. To avoid misunderstanding our desires and our behaviors, it is absolutely essential to listen to your organism or rather its “bio-logic” , that is to say, the “set of coherent relationships that regulate the functioning. of being. 

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The study of our needs is therefore fundamental since they are at the origin of most of our actions: of our motivation or on the contrary of our non-motivation, of our satisfaction or on the contrary of the lack that we feel as we do. ‘says this author. 


It deciphers all our basic needs, namely: our need for security (“safety + freedom”); our need for identity (“belonging + difference”); our need for reality to be (“harmony + personal development”).

Any situation that we live in is analyzed through the filter of our needs, hence the importance of understanding them. Step 1, “Am I free from the past? » , Of the Florence Method can help you better understand them. (manage your emotions)

Our need for identity and our capacity for seduction are strongly linked: when identity is well fulfilled, seduction is more natural… It is not false, nor overplayed, it is obvious and easier!

It is therefore essential to understand each other first before embarking on the search for a partner so that he is compatible. The analysis of the “lack of being”then arrives to explain to readers how to understand this feeling of lack so as to overcome their fears and anxieties, especially since everyone has already felt this feeling of lack, which is part of our biological heritage.


To clarify this notion of “lack of being” , here is a definition given by Catherine Aimelet-Périssol in her work: “It is like the pit in the stomach when we are hungry, a sensation, a self-evident fact, which does not can exist only for oneself, difficult to express to others. “ So it’s something that everyone can feel in himself but can not see.

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How to manage your emotions?

To better understand each other, it is therefore essential to identify the origin of our emotions and our reactions in order to improve our personal development

A simple example given by the sociologist, which everyone has surely experienced at least once in their life, is that of oneself completely disconnected from others, one then feels outside of one’s body, as a simple spectator:“I’m working, but I’m not there, I watch myself do it, it’s not me, well not really, you understand? “. 

To be lovingly fulfilled, it is essential to know your desires and values ​​in order to make beautiful meetings and to target partners who are like you.


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