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To begin with, a toxic relationship is an unbalanced relationship that cannot be healthy. How to recognize a toxic relationship? Some people, often extremely rigid, need to base their superiority on their partner and immediately create an unhealthy relationship. Does your partner often make you feel guilty? Are you psychologically and / or physically abused? Does he have complete control over you?

Toxic Relationship

toxic relationship

 All of these cases listed above are real representations of a destructive and obsessive relationship. Among the most frequent profiles, we find 3 main categories of individuals: sociopaths, manipulators and narcissistic perverts. All have in common the desire to control and direct the life of their partner in order to restrict their freedom.

Love Intelligence warns you against these types of doomed relationships and gives you the keys to boosting your self-esteem and recognizing the right people so that you never again suffer for love.

toxic Relationship

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First of all, you must avoid finding yourself dependent on your partner, whether financially or emotionally speaking. Indeed, emotional dependence is dangerous because it annihilates what we are and because we no longer know how to live without our other half. As Lucia Etxebarria, Spanish author states: “The emotional dependence syndrome is the breeding ground on which many unhealthy relationships flourish or lead to abuse. “Some people tend to find themselves in difficult relationships frequently and are thus easy prey for abusive partners or for manipulators.

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They are emotionally dependent people. If you recognize yourself in this portrait, you must be particularly vigilant given the risks incurred for yourself. Never forget that a romantic relationship is made to blossom and not to destroy you!

Toxic Relationship

In this case, the risks incurred are multiple: loss of your identity, depression, declining self-esteem, lack of self-confidence, self-victimization, etc. These effects can become permanent if you do not react in time! The toxic relationship, its fundamental problem is that it makes you emotionally dependent. The other devalues ​​you or makes you lose your bearings and your self-confidence and therefore you need him / her. The more you are dependent on someone, the less you will have the strength to change the situation in which you find yourself, hence the need to react quickly, at the beginning of a relationship for example. He is manipulative: how to change him?

The 3 characteristics of emotional dependence are:

1 °) A lack of self-esteem;


2 °) A fear of loneliness;

3 °) A turbulent love past.

It’s up to you to see where you stand in order to fix your situation. The love coaches Love Intelligence are there to help you face your emotional dependence to avoid being abused by your partner. You have to recognize this problem in order to own it and to free yourself from it.

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