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find out the opening times and closures of the streets leading to the Copacabana neighborhood
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This Saturday (4) the access roads to the Copacabana neighborhood, in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro, are being completely blocked for the singer Madonna's concert. Since the early hours of the day, municipal guards from the city hall have been guiding and organizing traffic in the region. Residents also cannot drive their vehicles after 6pm, even if they prove they live in the region.

The security scheme set up is in the same format organized on New Year's Eve, there is reinforcement mainly on Av. Atlântica, military police officers are searching those who access the avenue, using metal detectors and personal searches. Observation towers were set up throughout the waterfront to ensure safety for the event.

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The workforce is 3.2 military police officers, 1,130 traffic officers, 800 firefighters and lifeguards, 12 interdiction points and 18 personal inspection points. Entry with sharp objects such as glass, knives, box cutters is prohibited; if carried, the object will be seized. There are 65 observation towers with armed agents, the event has 12 facial recognition cameras, 2 drones, the PM's mobile unit will be located in Praça Lido to respond to emergency incidents.


For a week now, the Military Police have been reinforcing policing on the neighborhood's main streets and inspecting the beach sand, especially where objects such as knives and cooking pots were found buried. If you need help, use the 190 RJ app, which will be working throughout the event.

To clean the beach and roads, around 1,515 street cleaners work effectively throughout the night, 10 tractors will be used to remove objects left on the sand.

Access roads to Copacabana (Photo: reproduction/Pablo Porciuncula/Getty Images Embed)

How to get to/from Copacabana

Due to the various closures and access blocks to Copacabana, the City Hall advises that public transport be used for travel, a new transport scheme was inaugurated to facilitate access to the neighborhood, a bus line will leave from the Gentileza Terminal, the port region of Copacabana. Rio and will continue directly, without stops, to Av. Princesa Isabel in Copacabana.


Metro: the metro lines are reinforced and will operate 24 hours a day, the Arco Verde station, which is closest to the Copacabana Palace Hotel and the stage, is only open for disembarking until 10pm this Saturday. For the return, the Cardeal Arco Verde, Siqueira Campos and Cantagalo stations will only be available for boarding until 4am on Sunday morning. The other stations will only be open for disembarking from midnight onwards.

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BRT: BRTs will operate 24 hours a day, from midnight until 4am on Sunday without interruption on the Transoeste corridor lines: line 11 (Alvorada x Santa Cruz); line 17 (Campo Grande x Santa Cruz); and line 22 (Alvorada x Jardim Oceânico), Transolímpica corridor: line 50 (Jardim Oceânico x Centro Olímpico); and line 51 (Deodoro x Recreio), Transcarioca corridor: line 35 (Paulo da Portela x Alvorada); and line 38 (Galeão x Alvorada)

VLT: The VLT will operate on a special schedule on Line 1 (Santos Dumont x Terminal Gentileza for 24 hours without interruption and the intervals will be of up to 20 minutes. The Carioca and Cinelândia stations are recommended in case of connection with the metro to Copacabana, the cost of The ticket is R$4.30 and the passenger must have a Riocard or Jaé access card.

Private vehicle: Since Thursday(2), parking has been prohibited on the streets and around Copacabana, including for residents, app cars, taxis, regular buses or chartered buses.


Place where Madonna is staying for the event (Photo: reproduction/ Wagner Meier/Getty Images Embed)

Post-event scheme

The release of traffic in the region will be gradual, only Av. Atlântica will remain closed until the public disperses and the road is completely cleaned. The blockages will be released from 4:00 am on Sunday (5).

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The main means of transport indicated is the subway, which will have special support during the 24 hours from the start of the event.

Featured photo: Structure of the stage set up on Copacabana beach (Reproduction/Buda Mendes/Getty Images Embed)


find out the opening times and closures of the streets leading to the Copacabana neighborhood

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find out the opening times and closures of the streets leading to the Copacabana neighborhood

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