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remember iconic beauty productions
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The famous Met Gala ball takes place today (6), in New York, attracting several celebrities in iconic and fashionista productions. Like every edition, the ball represents the opening of another exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and this year it features the concept “Sleeping Beauties: Awakening Fashion” as its main theme.

The celebrities who were invited to host the ball this year are Zendaya, Bad Bunny, Jennifer Lopez, Chris Hemsworth who together will welcome guests using the dress code, inspired by JG Ballard's 1962 short story entitled “the garden of time” (translated as garden of time).

And speaking of Dress Code, another important factor that always attracts attention during the event is the various beauty productions that celebrities present on the red carpet. This year, the productions are expected to be cleaner and more natural, however, many beauty critics are also looking at different compositions than usual, as has happened in other editions.


To remember these moments, we have separated some of the most iconic productions from the MET Gala red carpet.

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Natural Production

Speaking of clean and natural beauty looks, one of the compositions that attracted the most attention due to the naturalness of the makeup and beauty was the Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen, for the first Met Gala, in 1995. Wearing a multicolored and glittery dress, the model was considered the Boho Goddess of haute couture. The beauty outfit chosen by Gisele featured simple, natural makeup with little color, leaving only lipstick in shades of pink with gloss.

Model Gisele Bundchen attracted attention with her natural makeup in 1995 (Photo: Reproduction/instagram/@gisele)

Another natural and clean look that also attracted attention was that of singer Lizzo, at the 2023 Met Gala. Wearing an all black Channel look, the singer chose natural makeup, enhancing her features.


Glamorous productions

Going the opposite of naturalness, in some editions we had productions of scenic and glamorous beauty. Zendaya, at the 2016 ball, chose a clean outfit, but with a black eye catching attention. With the theme inspired by the digital era and fashion's interference with new technologies, the actress wore a gold Michael Kors dress, and to complement the look she wore her hair in a “bowl” style, focusing on the intense eye makeup.

In 2019, who had an iconic appearance with her makeup and production, was the actress Lily Collins. Inspired by Priscila, Elvis Presley's wife, the actress attended the event with Priscila's typical hairstyle, with hair falling in a cascade, in a soft wave. For her makeup, the actress glamorously wore large lashes that gave strength to her pastel purple eyeshadow and delicate pink lipstick.

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With an outfit inspired by Marie Antoinette, Lupita chose makeup full of messages (Photo: reproduction/instagram/@lupitanyongo)

Another celebrity who produced an unforgettable beauty, also at the ball in 2019, was actress Lupita Nyong'o. Wearing a Versace look in neon tones, the actress attracted attention for her hair and makeup that carry the message about the “beauty and power of black hair” according to the actress.


Inspired by Marie Antoinette, the hair featured elements that reinforce the message, and the beauty chosen by Lupita was glamorous with glittery shadows and black lipstick.

Featured photo: remember the iconic beauty productions of the MET Gala in previous editions (Reproduction/ Instagram/@zendaya)


remember iconic beauty productions

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remember iconic beauty productions


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