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7 tips on how to keep your skin hydrated even in climate change
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Dry climates can be real villains for the skin, causing dryness, flaking and irritation. To keep your skin healthy and hydrated, it is essential to adapt your skin care routine according to individual needs. But after all, what are the changes in skincare and bodycare that should be taken into account when the weather changes? The expert beautician of the Águas de Ipanema brand, Clara Andrade Rosa, shares valuable tips for facing these challenges and keeping your skin radiant all year round.

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1. Hydration from the inside out

The first tip is simple but essential: drink lots of water. “Hydration starts from the inside out“, emphasizes Clara. In dry climates, the skin loses moisture more quickly, so it is crucial to stay well hydrated throughout the day. The ideal is to consume at least two liters of water daily and it is recommended to supplement hydration with teas and natural juices.

2. Choose the right moisturizer

Not all moisturizers are the same. To combat dryness caused by arid climates, the tip is to use products with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, glycerin and ceramides. “These components help attract and retain moisture in the skin. Like the Águas de Ipanema body moisturizer, with a formula enriched with the powerful Hydrafense and a blend of natural ingredients such as murumuru butter, coconut extract and rosemary essential oil, it revitalizes and restores your skin, providing long-lasting hydration.“, he explains. “A good tip is to apply the moisturizer right after showering, when the pores are more open and absorption is maximized.”.


3. Avoid very hot baths

Although a hot bath is relaxing, it can be harmful to your skin in dry climates. “Instead of high temperatures, opt for warm baths and shorter shower times. Hot water removes the skin's natural oils, which are essential for maintaining hydration.“, he warns. After bathing, dry yourself gently with a towel, without rubbing, to avoid irritation.

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4. Use a humidifier

For those who live in regions with low humidity, using a humidifier at home is a great resource in everyday life. “Keeping the air moist helps prevent dry skin, especially at night. One suggestion is to position your humidifier in your bedroom to ensure your skin benefits from the additional moisture while you sleep..”

5. Don't forget sun protection

Even in dry climates, sun protection is essential. “UV rays can damage the skin and compromise its ability to retain moisture“, he states. Choose a sunscreen that also offers moisturizing properties for an extra layer of protection.

6. Invest in moisturizing serums

For intensive care, including moisturizing serums in your skin care routine is a great ally. “Serums with vitamin C, E and hyaluronic acid can work wonders in retaining moisture and revitalizing the skin. An example is the Águas de Ipanema fountain of youth serum, with a combination of natural active ingredients, such as mulateiro oil, extracted directly from the Amazon rainforest, which softens expression lines and evens out skin tone, instantly improving the elasticity and freshness of the skin. skin.”, shares. Apply the serum before the moisturizer to enhance the effects.


7. Food rich in water

In addition to direct fluid intake, a diet rich in foods with a high water content, such as cucumber, watermelon and orange, can help hydrate the body. “These foods help keep the skin hydrated and provide essential vitamins for skin health.“, observes and concludes the expert.

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Featured Photo: woman using moisturizer in the summer (Reproduction/Kate Ryan Inc./Pinterest)


7 tips on how to keep your skin hydrated even in climate change

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7 tips on how to keep your skin hydrated even in climate change


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