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Indika is an Outlaw Nun's Adventure
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Russia! Land of vast frozen landscapes, dictators who usually invade peaceful countries, communism, vodka that burns your throat and now, thanks to the world of video games, Russian Orthodox nuns who fail spectacularly in their missions. “Indika” is an existential experience that makes you question not only your life choices, but also your puzzle-solving abilities while manages guilt and grief.

A Nun with a Foot on the Street

The premise is already a spectacle: Indika, the misfit nun, is not exactly the model of virtue. The other nuns at the convent cannot stand her, perhaps because she prefers to explore mysterious abysses and warped architecture participating in the morning songs. Your mission is to deliver a note to the Danilov Monasterybut spoiler: Everything goes wrong. Of course, because what would an indie game be without a tragically flawed hero?


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Puzzles, Chases and… Sins?

The gameplay mixes environmental puzzles with chase sequences that test both your patience and your skill in accept defeat. And for those who like a good meta-narrativethere is an RPG system that allows you to invest in attributes such as guilt and regret. Because nothing says “fun” like throwing experience points at depressive emotions.

Metaphors with Machine Guns


Indika It's a nun with a prayer button, because when all else fails, why not pray for the game to end without further trauma? Interactions with Ilya, the escaped convict, only add to the moral and theological confusion, offering you choices that will likely end in more self-deprecation and existential questioning. I know, really looks like plot of low-budget porn, but that's it. Yeah, I know you thought about it, I won't judge you, we're probably going to hell together.

Conclusion: A Game for Those Who Like to Suffer

“Indika” is the type of game you recommend for that syrup friend (We all have at least one like this) who loves Russian literature and movies with a bunch of naked people in a salad discussing sociology and no one understands, Neither does he actually, but he pays a lot to appear intelligent.


It's dark, it's depressing, and it's strangely captivating. Between the funereal art and the soundtrack that's a rollercoaster of emotions, “Indika” is sure to leave a lasting impression… especially if you like exploring the darkest corners of the human soul while dodging giant dead fish.

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In short, if you were looking for a different game that mixed the melancholy of Dostoevsky with the surrealism of a cult film from the 90s and the frustrating gameplay of a roguelike, congratulations: “Indika” is all that and a little more despairall wrapped up in a beautifully miserable package.


  • Impressive Visuals and Atmosphere: The ghostly artwork and cinematography capture a dark, surrealist aesthetic that is visually captivating.
  • Dynamic Soundtrack: The chiptune soundtrack that oscillates between ambient and danceable adds a unique layer of atmosphere to the game.
  • Creative Puzzles: Interesting use of environments for puzzles that challenge both the player's intelligence and perception.
  • Deep and Metaphorical Narrative: Strong use of metaphors and themes that provoke reflection, with a narrative that deeply explores the human condition.


  • Sometimes Frustrating Gameplay: The chase sequences and platforming can be annoyingly difficult, with elements of trial and error that may put some players off.
  • Niche Humor: The game's humor and tone, heavily influenced by Russian culture and cinema, may not be for everyone.
  • Narrative Sometimes Didactic: Occasionally, the game can be a little forced in its moral or philosophical lessons, which can feel heavy-handed or pretentious.
  • Character Imbalance: The RPG-inspired system, while original, can feel lacking in real impact, with little effect on actual gameplay or character development.
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Rating: 7.5/10.0

“Indika” is certainly not a game for everyone, with its dark atmosphere and heavy themes. However, for those who enjoy a deeper, more reflective gaming experience with a heavy dose of Russian surrealism, it could be an intriguing and valuable addition to the library of any gamer looking for something out of the ordinary.


Indika is an Outlaw Nun's Adventure

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Indika is an Outlaw Nun's Adventure


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