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Santos beats Guarani at home on a thrashing night
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On Monday night (6), Santos and Guarani faced each other in the third round of Série B of the Brasileirão. In coach Júnior Rocha's debut under the command of the Alviverde team, Carille's team came out on top, finishing the game with a score of 4 x 1.

The opponents entered the field at 9 pm, in Vila Belmiro, without the presence of the public due to the events that occurred during Santos' relegation the previous year. With the result, Peixe managed to maintain an impeccable 100% record in the championship until then. Despite a below-average start to the match in the first 30 minutes, Santos stood out in the second half, completely dominating the opposing team. This provided a valuable opportunity for coach Carille to test new options in the squad, including Patrick's debut.

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Santos reacts only at the end of the first half

Santos started the match with a slow pace again, as in the last two games, facing difficulties to escape the pressure imposed by Guarani when passing the ball. In the first 15 minutes of the match, Guilherme had two opportunities to finish, the first time his attempt was blocked by the marking, and in the second the number 11 headed wide.


At 17, Chermont made a low cross, Guilherme chose to let the ball pass for a shot, however, Morelos ended up scoring at the crucial moment of completion.

At 20, it was Guarani's turn to come close to scoring the first. After a sequence of disputes, the ball reaches Luan Dias in the area, who finishes with his left leg, causing the ball to explode onto the crossbar.

Peixe reacted and managed to open the scoring in the 31st minute, when Schdmit started the play by passing to Giuliano at the edge of the area, who controlled the ball, made a turn and made a pass over the top to Guilherme. The striker finished with precision into the left corner of the goal, giving Douglas Borges no chance of defending.

Giuliano celebrates Santos' fourth goal on Monday night (photo: Raul Baretta/reproduction/Instagram/@santosfc)


At 39, another one for Carille's team: after Luan Dias incorrectly cut the rebound in the area, the ball fell to Schmidt's feet. The number five teamed up with Pituca, who risked a shot from outside the area and scored a beautiful goal for Santos.

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Unstoppable at the end of the first half, at 43, Santos scored the third goal, this time disallowed. Gil scored in Vila, however, the video referee recommended a review. After analysis, the field referee signaled the Santos defender was offside, despite Lucas Adell's participation in the play.

Fish remains packed in the second half

At eight minutes, after a sequence of disputes in the area, Luan Dias requests a penalty, however, the referee decides to order the game to continue. In the next minute, another goal from Santos. In a beautiful move, Morelos passes to Pituca, who finishes and watches as Douglas rebounds, and the Colombian takes the opportunity to send the ball into the back of the net.

It didn't take long for Giuliano to extend the score for Peixe. At 16 minutes, in another decisive move, Guilherme plays for the number 20, who finishes with precision, placing the ball in the corner of the opponent's goal.


At 27, Guarani managed to reduce the deficit against Santos, with a goal from Caio Dantas. The striker shot into the middle of the goal, displacing João Paulo and scoring the team's first and only goal in the match.

With the end of the dispute approaching and the result satisfactory for the team, Santos slowed down the game and began to control the match with exchanges of passes in the middle region of the field. At 49, the referee whistles the end of the game and Peixe regains the lead in Series B.

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Featured photo: Santos team celebrates victory and leadership in Series B (Reproduction/Instagram/@santosfc/Raul Baretta)


Santos beats Guarani at home on a thrashing night

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Santos beats Guarani at home on a thrashing night

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