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experts warn of the importance of investigation
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Back pain is a common symptom that affects many people at some point in their lives. Whether in the lower back, hip or other joints, this uncomfortable sensation can significantly impact quality of life. Therefore, experts recommend that persistent pain be investigated and treated appropriately.

Mobility and back pain

The program “CNN Vital Signs – Dr. Kalil Interview” recently addressed the topic of body mobility and the importance of taking care of spinal health. The presenter, Dr. Roberto Kalil, invited doctors Giancarlo Polesello, an orthopedist specializing in the hip, and Francisco Sampaio, a neurosurgeon specializing in the spine, to discuss the subject this Saturday (04).

According to Polesello, mobility refers to the human being's ability to move around in a functional and painless way. This includes activities such as climbing stairs, sitting, standing and running without feeling discomfort. When we feel pain when moving, it is essential to investigate the cause, as it may indicate underlying problems.


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People who work sitting for a long time tend to have lower back pain (Photo: reproduction/Ijubaphoto/getty Images Embed)

Even if the pain is not intense, it is important to see a doctor to assess the situation. Early diagnosis and appropriate treatment can prevent future complications. According to Sampaio that there is no “bad way” when it comes to pain; it always indicates a problem that needs to be investigated.

Furthermore, the neurosurgeon highlights the importance of medical monitoring, even for those who have not experienced back or joint pain for a long period. He claims: “Anyone who had pain ten years ago has adapted to the problem, but still has the disease.”


The importance of the hip

In addition to the spine, the hip plays a fundamental role in the body's mobility. It is responsible for supporting longitudinal and transverse loads, transmitting forces through robust muscle groups. Hip problems can significantly affect quality of life and mobility. Therefore, it is essential to treat hip pain properly.

Polesello highlights that the hip plays a crucial role in distributing loads on the body, both longitudinally and transversely. He emphasizes that all loads and forces are directed through robust muscle groups located in this region. Due to the constant pressure exerted by these muscle groups to support the body in a standing position throughout life, the hip is prone to injury. Thus, Polesello concludes that the hip is the biomechanical center of the body.

Experts highlighted some risk factors that can compromise mobility and cause back pain:

  1. Sedentary lifestyle: Lack of physical activity can lead to muscle weakness and deterioration in spinal health.
  2. Bad Posture: Inappropriate postures when sitting, lifting objects or working can overload the spine and cause discomfort.
  3. Overweight: Excess weight puts additional pressure on your joints and spine.

Experts emphasize the importance of moving early and seeing a doctor at the first sign of pain. Be sure to follow the program “CNN Sinais Vitais – Dr. Kalil Interview” this Saturday, May 4, at 7:30 pm, on CNN Brasil.

Featured photo: X-ray image of a spinal column with scoliosis (reproduction/Thomas Trutschel/Photothek/Getty Images Embed)


experts warn of the importance of investigation

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experts warn of the importance of investigation


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