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A Law of Many Fathers
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Nothing like the irony of celebrating the Legal Framework for Games sanctioned by President Lula, while deep down, in the dark corners of gaming forums, everyone knows that the one who led the line was Kim Kataguiri. It almost seems like a plot twist worthy of an RPG with a complex plot, doesn't it? Just imagine, Lula in Final Fantasy as an unexpected hero, or rather, the anti-hero that no one asked for but everyone has to put up with.

Hero by Chance, or a Miscalculated Respawn?

The president Lula sanctioning the law is like that player who enters the match in the last five minutes and still wants to share the loot. Of course, the Abragames is playing the political game as it should, doing that necessary level grinding with each political figure, but celebrating the presidential sanction is like giving credit to Bowser for saving Princess Peach.

The Development of the Political Game

The story of the law is a plot worthy of a complex strategy game like Civilization. We could almost hear Wendell Bezerra's narration describing how “in an epic twist, the law that could be a side quest of Kim Kataguiri becomes the main quest of Lula”. In the Abragames press release, Rodrigo Terra may even be optimistic, predicting growth for the industry, but he forgot that in Brazil, bureaucracy is the final boss that never dies, only respawns stronger.

Ah, the press! Always ready for a good dose of controversy, especially when it comes to crediting achievements. In this case, the Marco Legal dos Games saga became almost a game of “hide and seek” politician in the media. As President Lula signed the law into law, many media outlets rushed to applaud him as the great hero of the gaming industry in Brazil, conveniently leaving aside the fact that Congressman Kim Kataguiri was the one who actually fought on the legislative battlefield to move the project forward.

White plate press
What does this photo have to do with the project? Spoiler: nothing.

Some advisor to the president posted this here:

But the reality is this, Lula doesn't like the GÃILES:


A New Level of Irony

The quote in the Abragames release by Leila Barros and Flavio Arns gives that special touch of irony, like NPCs who repeat the same line of dialogue expecting us to do something different. “The Legal Framework for Games will encourage the growth of the sector, create jobs, combat illicit activities and reduce the tax burden.” This almost sounds like a promise from an NPC before a mission that we know is bugged and will crash the game.

Down with the real person responsible for the project, let's give credit to those who deserve it? So let's go:

What is the Legal Framework for Games?

The much talked about Legal Framework for Games, formally known as Bill 2796/2021, is legislation designed to define the regulatory framework for the gaming sector in Brazil. This milestone establishes essential principles and guidelines that aim to shape and stimulate the growth of the national digital games industry. The law seeks to make life easier for game developers and companies by establishing a clear legal basis for operations, investments and innovation in the sector.

With the new legislation, it is expected that Brazil will become a more attractive and safe environment for both national and international investors. The law promises to reduce bureaucracy that often strangles creativity and economic development, offering incentives for local production and export of electronic games. Furthermore, the Legal Framework also aims to clarify tax aspects specific to the sector and proposes measures to protect intellectual property and combat piracy.

The Games Legal Framework also addresses the definition of what are considered “electronic games”, covering not only the games themselves, but also the devices and accessories used to play them, as well as software on different platforms, such as cell phone applications, video game consoles, and augmented and virtual realities.

In essence, this legislation is a level up that seeks to position Brazil on the global map as a major center for the development and consumption of digital games, ensuring that the country makes the most of the economic and cultural potential of this dynamic sector. The proposal is to make the gaming industry not just play on the global stage, but play to win.


Powers and Abilities of the Legal Framework

Marco Legal comes equipped with attributes that any game developer would love – less bureaucracy, more investments and a clearer definition of what constitutes an electronic game. It's like finally getting that legendary sword after hours of playing, but finding out that it can only be used in specific areas of the map.

The Final Boss Has Not Been Defeated Yet

While the Abragames and the entire gaming industry in Brazil are ready to pick up the controls and play in this new phase that the Games Legal Framework proposes, we cannot forget who the real players are behind this game. The law may be a necessary upgrade, but politics is a game where developers (read politicians) they often release patches that no one asked for. And while we celebrate this small victory, let's remember that in Brazil, the game over is never really the end, it's just an excuse for an unexpected respawn.

So let the games begin! And may we not lack continues.


A Law of Many Fathers

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A Law of Many Fathers

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