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what you need to know before deciding
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The search for facial harmonization reflects a deep desire not only to improve external appearance, but to align self-image with the inner essence of each individual. This multifaceted procedure has become increasingly popular among those seeking a subtle yet impactful transformation. To clarify any doubts about this aesthetic practice, we turned to Dr. Thaíssa Trindade, a renowned specialist in the field of facial harmonization, who shared with us her opinion about this transformative journey.

Facial harmonization goes beyond simple aesthetic interventions; is an art form that requires a keen eye and a deep understanding of facial anatomy”, explains Dr. Thaíssa. She emphasizes that each face is unique, and therefore, the procedure must be personalized to meet each patient's needs and desires. “It's not just about filling in lines or adjusting contours. It's about understanding and respecting the patient's individuality, seeking a result that harmonizes their characteristics, without losing the essence of who they are.

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Dr. Thaíssa highlights the importance of the initial consultation, a critical moment in the facial harmonization process. “This is the time to establish clear communication between the doctor and the patient. My approach involves listening carefully to the patient's wishes, evaluating their facial features and, together, defining a plan that meets their expectations, always with a realistic look at the possible results.


Harmonization made by Dr. Thaíssa (Photo: reproduction/Disclosure)

Regarding specific procedures, Dr. Thaíssa clarifies that harmonization can involve a variety of techniques, from dermal fillers to the use of botulinum toxin, each one meticulously chosen based on what you hope to achieve. “For example, the application of hyaluronic acid can restore volume and youth to areas that have lost their fullness over the years, while botulinum toxin can be used to smooth expression lines, giving a more rested and rejuvenated appearance.

However, Dr. Thaíssa warns about the importance of maintaining realistic expectations. “Although facial harmonization can bring significant changes, it is vital to understand that it has limits. The search should always be for the best version of yourself, not for an unattainable idealization.”

The decision to undergo facial harmonization is deeply personal and should be taken with care and consideration. Dr. Thaíssa advises choosing a qualified and experienced professional, someone who not only masters the necessary techniques, but who also shares an aesthetic vision aligned with the patient's expectations. “Choosing a professional is as important as the procedure itself. It is essential to trust the professional and feel safe in their hands. Analyzing before and after results to find out the professional’s history is an important step.“.


Dr. Thaíssa

Dr. Thaíssa Trindade is a dentist specializing in facial harmonization, whose passion for significant transformations led her to choose dentistry and, later, to specialize in facial harmonization. Born in Campo Grande, MS, on June 25, 1991, Thaíssa began her academic journey at Uniderp – Anhanguera, where she graduated in dentistry before continuing with a postgraduate degree in dental prosthetics and improving her skills with specialized courses in facial harmonization by ABCD and the Tatiana Salazar Institute.

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Dr. Thaíssa (Photo: reproduction/Disclosure)

Since starting her dentistry practice in 2015, Thaíssa quickly turned to specializing in facial harmonization, an area in which she has stood out due to her exceptional skill with facial fillers and her innovative “Full Face” technique, which addresses strategic points of the face for rejuvenation and beautification, as well as rhinomodeling to change the nasal profile. Its services include filling with hyaluronic acid, application of botulinum toxin (botox), use of the Lavieen laser and ultraformer III to treat sagging, standing out in the market for its incessant search for natural beauty and preserving the identity of its patients.

Featured photo: facial harmonization (Reproduction/Unsplash)


what you need to know before deciding

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what you need to know before deciding

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