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TikTok’s Top Beauty Trends

TikTok is one of the biggest social networks of the moment, with users from all continents and the ability to unite fans from different cultures. One of the main reasons for its success is the strong engagement among its users who share trends and techniques that fascinate large crowds around the world. With several videos of tutorials and global makeup techniques, the network has become an influential space, launching several beauty trends.

Check out the main beauty trends that are taking over TikTok:


base with water


the tip of millions

Play the Bunda – Mc Rogerinho

TikTok’s Top Beauty Trends (Playback/TikTok)

The water foundation has gained a lot of popularity on TikTok, with several users posting videos teaching how to apply it. The foundation is mixed with water and applied to the face creating a light and natural effect. Users love the practicality and efficiency of this new trend, as it is easy to apply, removes easily with makeup remover, in addition to the effect that stays on the skin for a longer time and without transferring.


brown lip liner


Hailey Bieber Tutorial!

original sound – girlminimal

TikTok’s Top Beauty Trends (Playback/TikTok)

The brown lip contour is another trend that is gaining traction on TikTok. after being adopted by celebrities like Hailey Bieber. This trend is perfect for highlighting the lips and creating a more voluminous effect. Users love how this look results in more defined lips.


Lifting with concealer

@a.lyrio Face Lift with Concealer #makeup #makeuptip #makeup trick #makeup trick #beautytip #beauty #make You And Me – Lyus

TikTok’s Top Beauty Trends (Playback/TikTok)

The concealer lift is a makeup technique that has been gaining popularity on TikTok. This technique involves applying concealer to specific points on the face, such as points on the inner and outer corners of the eyes, and on the corners of the nose and lips, always pulling it diagonally and upwards. Users love how this look works to lift and slim the face.

Adhesive tape for outline

@rodpostal Perfect outlined with ADESIVE RIBBON! IB: @thaisbrazoficial #makeup #makeuptutorial #maquiagemchallenge #professional makeup #makeupeasy #makeup #makeuptutorial #rodpostal original sound – ROD

TikTok’s Top Beauty Trends (Playback/TikTok)

Eyeliner tape is another trend that is making waves among makeup users on TikTok. This technique consists of placing an adhesive tape under the eyes to create a perfect outline. Resulting in a technique that creates a perfectly contoured and natural look.


COW blush

@bellalacerda Did you already know the alphabet of blushes? #blush #makeuphacks #tutorialmakeup #makeupbrasil original sound – bella lacerda

TikTok’s Top Beauty Trends (Playback/TikTok)

COW blush is a makeup technique developed on TikTok that consists of contouring, blending and highlighting the cheekbones to create a natural effect. This technique has become very popular among web users, as the results are modern and natural: “With the blush stick, cream or powder, apply the product by drawing a W, from one temple, passing through the high point of the cheeks and over the nose, to the other temple and spread with the help of a brush or fingers”explains Lorenna Hainfellner, from the Walter’s Coiffeur chain.

liquid eyeshadow

@laracrisouza Liquid Eyeshadow Fix by @Natura Brasil . Have you tried this shade yet? #liquidshade #makeup review original sound – Lara Souza

TikTok’s Top Beauty Trends (Playback/TikTok)

Liquid eyeshadow is another makeup trend that has been gaining prominence on TikTok. This technique involves applying liquid eyeshadow as a base to create an effect that makes the eyes pop naturally.
Featured Photo: Hailey Bieber with brown lip contour:Reproduction/Instagram


TikTok’s Top Beauty Trends

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