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Learn about the importance of the soleus muscle, the “second heart” of the body
– how to remain healthy, health related news, latest symptoms and treatments.

The soleus is located in the lower part of the calf and is characterized as a multifaceted organ, that is, it performs more than one function. In addition to ensuring stability for the body when walking or simply standing, the soleus has two veins inside that play a fundamental role in blood circulation. Because of this, the muscle became known as the “second heart” of the human body.

The extension of the soleus is long, starting just below the knee and going to the heel. He It represents only 1% of body weight, but has a much greater energy capacity when compared to other organs.

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In an interview with BBC News Mundo, the specialist doctor at the Faculty of Sports Medicine at the University of Barcelona, ​​Carles Pedret, says that the muscle “He has a lot of muscle mass. And it’s made up mostly of pure muscle tissue, not as much connective tissue as other muscles.”.


Extension of the soleus, muscle located in the calf (Photo: reproduction/Website/Training Tips)

Fiber composition guarantees body stability

Muscles are generally made up of different fibers. This composition varies according to the function performed by each part of the body. There are fibers that contract and relax quickly to enable the human body to perform movements. They are found in the muscles of the hands, legs and arms, for example, and are called “fast-acting fibers”.

In addition to them, there are also “slow contraction fibers”, responsible for maintaining the structure of the body. They have a lot of resistance and can remain contracted for hours, without showing major signs of fatigue. It is these fibers that make up most of the composition of the soleus, generating large amounts of energy and allowing the human body to stand or walk for long periods.

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People walking in a park (Photo: reproduction/Getty Images Embed/FG Trade)

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Blood Pumping

The veins present in the soleus play a fundamental role in blood circulation, especially when considering the issue of gravity. “If you think about it, gravity is causing blood to pool in your calves, ankles and feet. It’s a problem that affects adults, but even young people.”says doctor Marc Hámilton, from the University of Houston, to BBC News Mundo.

When the muscle contracts, the veins in the soleus fill and empty, preventing blood from accumulating and returning to the heart. Every step taken by the human being is an incentive for blood pumping and circulation, not only in the soleus but also in other veins in the foot and the gastrocnemius muscle.

How to keep your soleus healthy

As with other muscles, it is necessary to exercise the soleus to keep it healthy. As it is a muscle composed mainly of slow-twitch fibers, exercises performed to make it healthier must be slow and steady. In other words, something that does not require very intense effort, but that provides greater durability of action.


Doctor Carles Pedret recommends walking as the ideal exercise for healthy soleus maintenance. “You can't let it sit still. Rest and a sedentary lifestyle are very bad for him, just as excessive exposure to strength exercise also affects him”, comments the specialist who also highlights the importance of maintaining good muscular activity, as this means that the entire metabolic system and even the brain function better, which also results in a reduction in diseases.

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Featured photo: soleus muscle in the calf (Reproduction/Getty Images Embed/Stefania Pelfini/La Waziya Photography)


Learn about the importance of the soleus muscle, the “second heart” of the body

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Learn about the importance of the soleus muscle, the “second heart” of the body


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