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Redesigned, Guerlain Météorites are back with everything
– Time to look elegant and beautiful, enjoy our beauty packs, beauty tips, make ups and remain radiant.

Launched in 1987, Guerlain's Météorites were the peak of offline and online, a product that is necessary in the purse of women who like makeup. Shortly after the success, Maison Francesa stopped producing, but now the product is back and redesigned.


Creative director Violette talks about the new product “For a skin with a desired glow, I precisely chose the different colors of the météorite pearls, taking into account the undertones and subtle variations in tones that characterize each skin type.” Delphine Jelk, perfumer at Guerlain, came together to reinvent the soft perfume of météorites, from the floral heart of violet that was preserved, to a more woody facet with notes of sandalwood, musk and vanilla, with the aim of giving it more sensuality and modernity.

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The call “All powders in one powder” try to become unique, combining all the benefits of powders in one powder. Fixing, correcting, mattifying and illuminating. A true icon.


The combinations of colored pearls come in matte and pearly tones. With an ultra-light texture, composed of 95% ingredients of natural origin and the other 5% are to maintain the integrity, sensorial and pigmentation of the product, guaranteeing radiant skin for 8 hours and luminosity that lasts for 12 hours. Being clinically evaluated by 28 Caucasian women and 1 African woman, the instrumental test with 25 Caucasian women.

New packaging for Guerlain météorites (Photo: Reproduction/Guerlain)

New package

Introducing a new legendary packaging design, it celebrates a modernized version of the first line. Decorating the lid with an iconic pattern, becoming like a real jewel. Consisting of a soft, luxurious applicator and a pink ribbon with the bee logo.

The brand provided a specific brush for applying pearls, the kabuki brush, with delicately pink bristles, supported by a golden handle and decorated with the colors of multidimensional meteorites. Gently, absorbing the required amount and releasing a charming aroma from the powdered pearls.


Consisting of two mother-of-pearls, reaffirming the quality of the product due to its ideal formula for diffusing a pure and natural luminosity in the hearts of customers. Keeping your know-how exclusive craftsmanship in the production of these pearls, with only four artisans in the world qualified to perform this meticulous technique.

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Shimmering colored mother-of-pearls for multidimensional luminosity: round to match the tone of each pearl and reflecting natural light in all directions.

Light silver mother-of-pearl for lasting luminosity: smooth in cooler tones radiating natural light over time.

These four constellations range from color to shine, created harmoniously by Violette, dedicating clients to cold, warm, amber skin tones and the fourth palette, Pearly White, created to return the white color giving a pure glow with a vibrant luminosity.


Pearly White / Blanc de Perle: white, pink and beige pearls, to illuminate lighter skin.
Cool / Rosé: pastel tones to even out light skin tones.
Warm / Doré: warm tones dedicated to medium skin.
Amber / Ambre: intense tones for dark skin tones.

Adding to the line, the director states that she created two new exclusive products: Ombres G 458 Aura Glow and KissKiss Bee Glow 458 Pop Rose Glow, for even more radiant makeup.

Usage tips

Violette recommends three types of applications for meteorites, creating your own look:

  • Even out the skin with Parure Gold Skin Matte.
  • Apply the powder evenly to the face and combine use with Terracotta Bronzing Powder to sculpt and illuminate the skin.
  • Brighten the skin with Météorites.
  • Define your eyes with the Eye Pencil 04 Plum Peony, the Ombres G eyeshadows and the Noir G 01 Black mascara.
  • Highlight lips with KissKiss Bee Glow 458 Pop Rose Glow.
  • Plump and hydrate your lips with KissKiss Bee Glow Oil 458 Pop Rose Glow.

The subtle mix of white pearls in matte, pink and radiant blue tones combines with corrective pearls colored in yellow to correct facial redness.

Roses to illuminate and mauve to absorb light, illuminating the face in a corrective way for an unparalleled glow. A subtle mix of white pearls in matte, pink and radiant blue tones combined with colored corrective pearls in yellow to correct redness, pink to illuminate and mauve to absorb light, illuminating the face in a corrective look for an unparalleled glow.


Featured Photo: GUERLAIN MÉTÉORITES (Reproduction/Guerlain)

Redesigned, Guerlain Météorites are back with everything

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Redesigned, Guerlain Météorites are back with everything

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