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Horizon Forbidden West: Tip for beating each final Arena challenge
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The Arena is extra content in Horizon Forbidden West and rewards the player with medals that can be exchanged for extremely powerful legendary weapons and armor.

Each Arena ranking has a final challenge, which works in a similar way to a puzzle, since your armor and weapons will be those provided for the task and not those you obtained during the campaign.

Check out our tips for overcoming each of these challenges.

How to get to the Arena


To unlock access to the Arena, you must complete a secondary mission that only becomes available after certain story events. Once Aloy repels an invasion in the image area, speak to two warriors at the door to accept the mission. By completing this task, you will be able to face the Arena challenges.

The Arena's amateur challenge is against a Crawler, which already makes it clear that we won't find it easy. But on the bright side, at least there aren't any other machines to get in the way of combat.

There are two secrets to winning. The first is the fire trap, which causes extra damage to the giant snake: enter the arena and position the two pins in front of Aloy, as the Crawler attacks her non-stop.

The second is to use the explosive darts on the Crawler's gears as soon as he gets up. For even greater damage and a faster kill, apply the Plasma effect to the enemy and then deal damage with the darts. When the Plasma effect ends, it causes an elemental explosion according to the damage applied before – this is one of the best strategies in the Arena.


Intermediate: From the Depths

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“Das Profundeza” is the last challenge of the intermediate stage. Here, things start to become more complicated, as there are two Maws to hinder the already difficult fight against the giant Cortamarés.

However, the big secret is to use the Maws themselves against Cortamarés. To do this, explode the ice packs that are just below their mouths, causing area damage and slowing down the machines thanks to the freezing effect.

Quickly eliminate the remaining health of the Maws and focus on electrical damage on the Tidecutter. As soon as he is paralyzed, use explosive darts and finish the fight.


Skillful: Tremodont Friction

In the final battle of the Skillful division, you will need a little patience and knowledge of weapons. In addition to a thick-shelled Tremodont, there are two Acid Claws that are quite annoying. The main problem is that the only explosive part of Speedclaw is hidden in its chest and is very difficult to hit.

However, there is no way: you need to eliminate the Garraveloz quickly. To do this, use the most powerful ammunition you have available. Against Tremodon, create more of them if you need to.

As soon as only the Tremodon remains, undermine the giant's movement as much as possible. To do this, use one of the game's least remembered weapons, ropes: attach a rope to him and another to the ground and repeat the process until he falls. To make it a little easier, use slime ammo in your slingshot or ice arrows, slowing you down even more.


As soon as he falls, use the plasma arrow to activate the effect and then send a rain of bombs with your slingshot. The massive damage is what will take him down before the challenge times out.

Specialist: Dread Encounter

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The next stage of the Arena is where the experts fight. The final battle will be against an Agouro Alfa and two Furafuças, also Alphas.

It is possible to use one machine against the other and make the challenge a little easier. The Alpha Furafuças only have weakness against the plasma element, but they have four explosive parts. One of them is the Acid Cylinder, which can also cause elemental damage to Agouro. Use and abuse this to kill them faster and also cause damage to anyone nearby.


To deal with Agouro you will need to not let him fly, as he is invisible and causes a lot of damage with his attack. Use the slime ammo to leave him pinned to the ground and then repeat the foolproof trick: plasma plus explosive damage.

Finally, at the base of Agouro's wings there is a plasma cylinder that can be used to cause great damage. However, he is difficult to hit, even with the creature covered in slime.

Legendary: Predators

Lastly, the legendary ranking, with the most complicated final battle possible. The two predators you will need to face are a Tyrannical Alpha and an Incinerating Alpha – one more aggressive than the other.


Dealing with the Incinerator quickly is essential to survive, as it is practically impossible to dodge so many simultaneous blows. Behind the Incinerator there are two Plasma cylinders that you can – and should – use to generate a chain explosion. Furthermore, the energy store on his back is also explosive. These are your best alternatives.

Against the Tyrannical there are two steps. The first will be to remove your armor. The challenge gives you two acid-element weapons, an arrow and one of those weighted pins that need to be exploded afterwards. The second option is faster, but you'll need to be precise and hit the pin with the acid arrow. As soon as you apply the effect, use the lacerating damage arrows, the one that causes a sonic explosion, and the Tyrannical plates will fall.

Without so many plates, it's much easier to deal massive damage with our standard combo. Apply the plasma effect and pay attention to the explosive damage bombs launched with the slingshot.

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Horizon Forbidden West: Tip for beating each final Arena challenge

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Horizon Forbidden West: Tip for beating each final Arena challenge

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